Urgent Appeal

Kiki male papillion cross

Urgent Appeal: Kiki

Kiki was brought to the ScPA in early February when his owner was taken to hospital, and there was every expectation that he would leave us. However it was not to be. His owner is no longer with us, and Kiki needs a new home. He is living in the ...

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New Arrivals


Ambre female beagle cross

Ambre| A110

Female, Young, Medium   Ambre is yet another of the recently arrived “beagle bunch”. She has probably had the hardest time of all, as despite her young age (the vet estimates her date of birth as March 2017), she has already had a couple of litters and is a bit ...

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Grace female setter cross

Grace | T528

Female, Young, Medium Grace is a beautiful harlequin setter who has just arrived. We are not sure of her history, but we suspect that she is going to have to have a leg amputated, and this is perhaps why she is at the ScPA. At present Grace has a “dead” paw, ...

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Fido mature male cross

Fido | T450

Male, Mature, Medium This is Fido’s third time at the refuge, and none of it is his fault. He was adopted as a tiny puppy, then brought back in July last year, as his owner claimed to no longer have enough money to look after him (and our offers of financial ...

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Coca large male shepherd cross

Coca| A138

Male, Young, Large Coca was brought to the ScPA by a local mairie who found him straying. He was identified, but the ScPA was informed that his owner was unlikely to collect him. This seems to be code for “the dog is better off with you”, so Coca is looking ...

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