Urgent Appeal

Pador male jagd terrier

Urgent Appeal: Pador

At the other end of the size and age range to last week’s urgent appeal, we present Pador. No one has any idea why this dog has not been adopted before now. He has been at the SPA since the end of May, and usually dogs of this size and ...

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New Arrivals


denis male border collie cross

Denis | R391

Male, Young, Large We are very cross that Denis is back at the SPA. No, he has never been adopted from us, but this is the third time he has been here, and each time his owner has come to collect him. As Denis was identified we had no option but ...

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poker male setter

Poker | R347

Male, Young, Medium Poker is so named because that is how thin he was when he arrived at the SPA at the end of July. Yes, he was thin thin thin, but still full of life and happy to see everyone he meets, so perhaps it was a question of being ...

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Flurry female shepherd cross


Female, Young, Medium Flurry has been at the SPA since June 2016, and although she was a bit difficult at first, she soon settled down and is now a great young girl. She has stunning looks, primarily black but with brown highlights, and not only is she fine with male dogs, ...

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Jango male springer spaniel cross


Male, Young, Medium One of our recent adopters was walking his new dog when he came across young Jango, who was clearly lost. So he brought him to the SPA, and at the same time gave us news of how well his own dog was doing! Jango is identified, but the ...

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