Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Dyson

Our urgent appeal this time is for Dyson, who is a young healthy dog who has no particular urgency about him, apart from the fact that no dog like this should be behind bars. This dog is a perfect family dog, ready for any home. Dyson was brought in for ...

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New Arrivals


Tia young female

Tia| T631

Female, Young, Medium Another dog who was adopted and brought back, and thus missed off the website, Tia is not a staffy, and can in fact be adopted by anyone who likes the chunky type dogs but does not want to apply for all the permits needed to have a ...

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Artos male Czech wolf dog

Artos| PP563

Male, Large, Mature It was only after the recent DRC photo shoot that I realised that Artos was not on our website, although he has been at the SPA since December last year! Taken in by the SPA by a rescuer who had bitten off more than he could chew, Artos ...

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Banksie | T677

Male, Young, Medium Six year old Banksie arrived at the refuge at the end of December 2018 and remained unclaimed. He is now a fixture of the ScPA, but we hope not a permanent one. Initially a bit wild, Banksie has calmed down a lot, although he finds it very ...

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Stewey male fox terrier cross

Stewey| A117

Male, Young, Small Oh, what a shame. Stewey had a home and everything seemed to be going so well. The ScPA received photos and videos of him enjoying his new life, and his owners said they loved him. Only they didn’t really, as it turned out. Stewey was not clean ...

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