Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Meline

Meline arrived at the ScPA way back in December 2018. At this time she was extremely thin and malnourished, she had clearly recently had pups and was struggling to get her strength back. At the time we wrote that she was baggy of breast, but that this would soon sort ...

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New Arrivals


Lazar german shepherd cross

Lazar| LL332

Large, Young, Male   I was at the SPA when Lazar was brought in. His owner cried. Divorce had left him and hence his dog homeless and there was no prospect of a change in circumstance to allow him to keep his dog. Lazar was born in April 2013 and is ...

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Shoes litter

Shoes Litter| A514

Medium The shoes litter were brought in by their owner, not found abandoned at the refuge gates! Hip hip hooray! They are the result of an unwanted encounter between two neighbours’ dogs, and as usual it was the owner of the female who was left with the pups. She was ...

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Luna female Parsons terrier

Luna| A362

Female, Young, Small Luna is a Parsons Terrier (essentially a longer legged jack russell) who arrived identified in mid July. Being identified meant that the ScPA had every chance of reuniting this girl with her owners, but of course that is only if they want to be found! Apparently this ...

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Noisette female shepherd cross

Noisette | T501

Female, Young, Medium Noisette was found at the refuge gates one morning with her puppy, Pirouette. Both dogs had mange and were put in isolation until this infection had been treated. Luckily they had each other, so it was not too bad an experience for them. Now, they are all well ...

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