• hairy black dog

    Adoption of Titou

    I must admit to being particularly happy about today’s adoption. However much we try not to,  ...

  • black lab cross

    Five adoptions raise morale

    Well, we were hoping for a bumper end to the week, and we had one! Five adoptions have raised our sp...

  • small griffon cross

    Adoption of Delice

    I don’t think I can remember when we had to wait until Thursday for our first adoption of the ...

Urgent Appeal

New Arrivals


Max shepherd cross

Max | R264

Male, Young, Medium Max is yet another dog who was brought in having been neglected, and another dog who is happy to be at the SPA! Sadly for him, Max looks like many of the other dogs at the SPA, a kind of miscellaneous shepherd cross. However like all our dogs, ...

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Gaya Female cross

Gaya | R522

Female, Young, Small Gaya arrived at the SPA with her son, who has since been reclaimed, and another of her pups is, at the time of this post, for offer for free on the internet. Not good. Gaya is a fabulous girl, and bearing in mind that despite the unwanted litter, ...

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Male, Young, Small By now you should all be aware of the dogs who arrived at the SPA following a case of dog-hoarding in the local village of Ste Eulalie. Several of the dogs have now been adopted, and Porto too, is ready for his new home. He is a small ...

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Large, Young, Male Roxy is a gorgeous mix of griffon and something like labrador, giving a stocky dog with a moustache! He was abandoned by his owners as they felt unable to commit to having such a large, active dog. What a shame they didn’t think of that before taking ...

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