Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Dyson

Our urgent appeal this time is for Dyson, who is a young healthy dog who has no particular urgency about him, apart from the fact that no dog like this should be behind bars. This dog is a perfect family dog, ready for any home. Dyson was brought in for ...

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New Arrivals


Biggles male Bleu de Gasgogne

Biggles| A121

Male, Young, Medium Biggles is a super dog for anyone who likes the hounds. He is a bleu de Gascogne who arrived as an unidentified stray courtesy of a local mairie, and as he is so young (born in March 2017) he can now have a normal life rather than ...

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Kalin young male shepherd cross

Kalin| T483

Male, Young, Medium Kalin is a beautiful pale shepherd who should have been put on this site way before now. I think we assumed that he would be reclaimed, so just missed him off. However better late than never, although it is quite late; Kalin has been at the refuge ...

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Jax | T365

Male, Young, Large Jax was abandoned by his owners as they were out all day and, left to his own devices, Jax barked a lot. This annoyed the neighbours, and as there was no solution possible (ah-hem), Jax, a young brindle coloured beauceron, was brought in for rehoming. It is probably ...

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isidor male young Malinois


Male, Young, Large Isidor was abandoned by his owner who has changed jobs and no longer has time to devote to his dog. And Isidor is going to take quite a bit of time, to be honest. Not a dog for the faint hearted, Isidor pulls a lot on the lead ...

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