Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Mila

Mila is a very tall border collie cross, she looks like a tradtional border, classic black and white, but she is more the size of a Belgian shepherd. She even has the pointed ears! Mila arrived at the SPA in mid-November, abandoned by her owner who was pregnant and not ...

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New Arrivals


Kipnik mature husky cross

Kipnak | R371

Male, Mature, Medium Regular readers will know this boy. Several years at the SPA ended with an adoption less than a year ago, but the dream is over. What appeared to be the perfect family turned out not to be such, and so at 13 years old, Kipnak is back. He ...

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Frimousse small female cross breed

Frimousse | T004

Female, Young, Small This is a sad story. Who remembers the dogs from Ste Eulalie, who were rescued from dog hoarders in March 2016? Four of them are still at the SPA looking for homes, but many more are happy in their forever homes. And we thought this was the case ...

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Oscar male shepherd cross


Male, Young, Large Oscar’s owner was unable to manage this fairly large strong dog as well as her other animals, so Oscar is at the SPA looking for a new home. He is a shepherd cross with a small griffon-like beard who was born in February 2016. Oscar is good with ...

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Babar male beagle cross

Babar | R546

Male, Young, Medium Babar arrived in a skeletal state and so spent a couple of weeks in the warmth of the infirmary whilst we fattened him up a bit. He looked very sad and pathetic. Until his first walk, that is, when he ran round and played with another dog so ...

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