Urgent Appeal

Urgent Appeal: Look

This is not the first time Look has been our urgent appeal. Last time it was just because we liked him, but this time it is a bit more urgent. Look is one of those dogs who is just not being noticed at the SCPA, all he needs is a ...

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New Arrivals


Gaya female griffon cross

Gaya | T361

Female, Young, Large Gaya is a slightly timid but adorable griffon cross who was brought to the refuge due to that age-old problem…not all dogs can live in harmony with cats. Gaya, with her griffon-y looks, probably has quite a developed prey instinct. So a cat-free home is definitely required for ...

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Tyson large white male shepherd cross


Male, Young, Large It is very sad to see Tyson back at the SPA. His adoptive family was just not right for him and took bad advice regarding his needs. What kind of behaviourist tells an owner that the dog is “insane” and will never be happy inside a house? In ...

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Enok | T411

Male, Young, Medium Enok is a lovely looking dog who was found by a refuge employee as she arrived one morning. Does he belong to someone nearby (who has so far failed to come to collect him) or was he dumped at the refuge gates at some stage and been straying ...

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Teddy | T331

Male, Young, Large Teddy was found in a local village, and as he appeared to belong to one of the village’s many homeless people, we initially assumed that he would be reclaimed. He is such a calm, handsome lad and is very well socialised. However that was in June, and no ...

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