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Oups young male boxer malinois cross

Oups | T652

Male, Young, Medium Oups is a very chunky young lad. He was brought to the refuge by a woman who had been trying to do good, but as is so often the case, had become overwhelmed by the number of dogs she wanted to save, none of whom was adoptable ...

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Noisette female shepherd cross

Noisette | T501

Female, Young, Medium Noisette was found at the refuge gates one morning with her puppy, Pirouette. Both dogs had mange and were put in isolation until this infection had been treated. Luckily they had each other, so it was not too bad an experience for them. Now, they are all well ...

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Myra young female labrador cross

Myra | A562

Female, Young, Medium Myra is a very unusual but rather stunning girl who looks like a mix between a yellow labrador and a sharpei. Whatever the mix is, it really works! Myra arrived thanks to the Police Municipal who informed the ScPA that although they knew who her owner was, ...

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Melba female Bleu de Gasgoine

Melba | A529

Female, Young, Medium Melba was captured and brought to the refuge by one of our supporters who saw this lovely hunt type dog straying in her village over the course of several weeks and decided to do something about it! Melba was actually identified, but as her owner did not ...

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