Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Paco

Some of you may have seen Paco’s departure and almost immediate return at the very beginning of the year. Well this quick about turn, so soon after having already been abandoned, did not do poor Paco any good at all and all he does now is cry. I don’t blame ...

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New Arrivals



Zebuline | T583

Female, Young, Medium Zebuline’s owner is well known to the SCPA, as we have played host to many of his dogs over the years. Usually he reclaims them, and usually (like always!) we wish he wouldn’t. Zebuline has a chance for a new life, as he has not come to collect ...

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Chippeur male shepherd cross

Chippeur | T200

Male, Young, Medium Shepherd cross Chippeur was brought in by a local rescue organisation who found him and his pal tied up in a field in the middle of nowhere. Okay, there might be a good reason for this (I am having trouble thinking of one, admittedly), but if that is ...

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regis male lab cross

Regis | T607

Male, Young, Medium Regis arrived at the SPA already castrated but not identified. How strange that someone should go to the bother to have a dog castrated but not make sure that he can be reunited with his owner. I do wish that vets would encourage identification during operations, it seems ...

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Mila border collie cross

Mila | T309

Female, Young, Large This is Mila’s third time at the SCPA. She is quite a complicated dog, and whereas both her previous adopters were decent enough people, Mila took some time to show her true colours. Truth is that however tolerant she appears to be of other dogs in the short ...

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