• Yorkie cross

    Adoptions of Nino and Otto

    We had a fabulous day today with lots of sunshine and lots of walks; it was another day when almost ...

  • pale broun and grey shepherd pup

    Adoption of Galilé

    An early and quick blog tonight, as both Moira and I will be attending the monthly SPA board meeting...

  • small podenco

    Adoption of Podenco Sacha

    Yesterday we mentioned that more good news was due, and we also mentioned that Queenie’s poden...

Urgent Appeal

Roxy female griffon cross

Urgent Appeal: Roxy

This week’s urgent appeal is for Roxy. This lovely griffon cross has been at the SPA for way too long, since April 2016, in fact. The reason for his arrival at the refuge are the same as for many dogs the world over. Roxy was given as a gift to ...

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New Arrivals


Helda female German Shepherd

Helda | R545

Female, Young, Large Helda is a purebreed Germand shepherd who was bought at a local pet store five years ago. Having a purebreed puppy was important enough at the time for this family to spend considerable money on a dog, but Helda has ended up neglected at the bottom of a ...

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Dick male mature spaniel cross

Dick | T055

Male, Mature, Medium Isn’t Dick a lovely boy? He was born in September 2005 and we have no idea what he is doing at the SPA. He arrived very thin, and although initially we thought he had something wrong, the vet has given him a clean bill of health. Perhaps he ...

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Bouba male teckel cross

Bouba | T046

Male, Young, Small This tiny dog arrived in January 2018 already identified but with his owner’s phone number no longer in service and no sign of anyone coming to collect him, it is time for Bouba to find a new home. He is a great looking chap; no bigger than a ...

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Lazar german shepherd cross

Lazar| LL332

Large, Young, Male   I was at the SPA when Lazar was brought in. His owner cried. Divorce had left him and hence his dog homeless and there was no prospect of a change in circumstance to allow him to keep his dog. Lazar was born in April 2013 and is ...

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