Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Jax

Ben has been adopted already, so we have another urgent appeal for you. This time it is for another of the many dogs who have no business at all being at the ScPA. Jax is what we at DRC call a hidden gem. He is one of the dogs who ...

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New Arrivals


Ernie male rottweiler cross

Ernie| R316

Male, Medium, Young Rottweiler cross Ernie was adopted but brought back in July. He really is not a dog for first-time owners, and that is what his last family was. Despite our advice (we advised them against the adoption, too) and their best intentions, this young couple were just not ready ...

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Muse Breton spaniel cross

Muse| A368

Female, Young, Medium Muse is yet another Breton spaniel cross. We really do seem to have lots of them at the refuge at the moment. Muse arrived with Pegasus in mid July, and as neither dog was identified we have no idea as to their provenance. However both dogs are ...

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Canelle young female malinois

Canelle| A498

Female, Young, Large Canelle is a dog who, together with beauceron cross Mabrouka, was brought to the refuge because her owners did not like her barking. As Canelle is a malinois it is quite likely that her barking came of frustration. Many people underestimate the need these dogs have for ...

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Banksie | T677

Male, Young, Medium Six year old Banksie arrived at the refuge at the end of December 2018 and remained unclaimed. He is now a fixture of the ScPA, but we hope not a permanent one. Initially a bit wild, Banksie has calmed down a lot, although he finds it very ...

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