Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Poupette

The recent adoption of Kipnak, another senior dog, has given us hope that there may be someone out there willing to offer a home to Poupette. She was recently abandoned at the SPA shortly before her 12th birthday. We were all upset by this, but there is nothing we can ...

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New Arrivals



Pueblo| PP402

Male, Young, Medium Pueblo is one of the dogs who tends to get passed by at the SPA. Young, black (although in this case with a lovely white bib), dogs like this just blend into the background. Pueblo is sharing his kennel and is a happy and outgoing young lad. He ...

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Tag shepherd cross

Tag |P384

Medium, Young, Male Tag was born in September 2011 and is a lovely long-haired shepherd cross. He was happy to share his box immediately upon his arrival and seems to be settling into refuge life. At the time of writing he has not been for his first walk (as many ...

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Copain| PP428

Male, Young, Medium Copain means “pal” in French as many of you know, and he was given this name by one of the SPA employees who fell in love with him the moment he arrived. Copain is a springer spaniel cross who is just adorable. He is affectionate and good on ...

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Kopo | L682

Large, Mature, Male  Before being abandoned at the SPA Kopo had spent his entire life guarding a wood yard with another dog. The wood yard shut down, so of course the best way to reward this dog for his 5 and a half years of loyal service was to bring ...

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