Urgent Appeal

Billy male border collie

Urgent Appeal:Billy

    Billy is a border collie who was born in January 2011, making him just over 6 years old at the time of this urgent appeal. He was abandoned at the SPA as his owners were moving house and did not want to keep Billy in a less spacious ...

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New Arrivals


Jura male jura de bruno


Medium, Young, Male Jura is a Bruno de Jura who was found with another chasse type dog and brought to the SPA. As the hunt is not yet over, our assumption is that he is perhaps not the best hunter in the world; either that or the money required to ...

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Female, Mature, Medium Aneth is a complicated dog and will be difficult to home, but that does not mean we should not try! Aneth is an anglo cross who has leischmaniasis, however it is well under control and she takes a tablet a day to keep the disease stabilised. That is ...

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Panais |P178

Small, Young, Male Here is a little lad that will appeal to a lot of you. Jagd terriers are (as their German name implies) hunting dogs, but they can make great pets too. They are small and feisty, and full of energy, and Panais (Parsnip) is no exception. At the ...

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paige - female Gasgone de bleu


Female, Young, Medium We know nothing about Paige’s past, but we are willing to bet that she has a lovely future ahead of her! Paige is just the sort of dog who appeals to DRC supporters. A gentle griffon blue de Gascogne cross, she was found and brought to the SPA ...

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