Urgent Appeal

Trudy female shepherd cross

Urgent Appeal: Trudy

Those of you who follow us on Facebook might have seen the albums of several dogs who were left behind in a garden when the owner moved house. Six of them have been brought to the ScPA so far, but more are due to arrive. They are in various states ...

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New Arrivals


Neiko young male cross

Neiko | T223

Male, Young, Large Neiko was found wandering on the road by a volunteer and brought to the SPA. Apparently he was often seen straying, and whereas he may well have found his way home, no one has come to reclaim, so it seems he was yet another unwanted dog who was ...

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Kipnik mature husky cross

Kipnak | R371

Male, Mature, Medium Regular readers will know this boy. Several years at the SPA ended with an adoption less than a year ago, but the dream is over. What appeared to be the perfect family turned out not to be such, and so at 13 years old, Kipnak is back. He ...

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Balou male shepherd cross

Balou | T395

Male, Young, Medium Balou was brought in by one of the refuge’s growing number of cruelty inspectors. This medium sized pale brown dog was spending his life attached by a chain so that he was unable to run away. That is no life for a dog. However now he is at ...

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Falcor young male setter

Falcor | T242

Male, Young, Medium When Falcor was brought to the SPA for rehoming last week, staff took one look at his eyes and said “Uh-ho”. Because yes, those “goggles” do look very much as if Falcor has leishmaniasis. However not so; he is fine. Already a week later and he was looking ...

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