• kenzo

    Three super adoptions….

    Despite the intense heat, adopters were still out and about today! Three very lucky dogs were adopte...

  • border collie x

    Flash leaves for Belgium…

    Today we were pretty sure of one departure and it was Flash! Like all of our dogs who are travelling...

  • foz terrier wearing harness

    Adoption of Fonzy

    Today we had the adoption of Fonzy, after  some 6 weeks at the SPA. He has been renamed Beau, which ...

Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Globo

Our urgent appeal this time is Globo, and we are really hoping that we are able to find him a home. Sometimes, as you know, our urgent appeals are not urgent per se, but rather are for dogs who risk getting lost in the crowds. This time, however the dog ...

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New Arrivals


Robbie young male lab/dalmation cross


Medium, Young, Male According to his identification papers (for yes, this dog arrived microchipped), Robbie is a dalmatian cross. Personally I think he has much more of the labrador about him, although there are some pale brown spot on his ears. He is a young dog, born in September 2015, ...

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Yoshi labrador cross


Large, Young, Male The man who brought Yoshi in told us that he had been found attached to a tree where he had been for two days. As he was in fabulous condition and already castrated, we hoped that his owner might come to reclaim him, but we have given ...

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Globo mature male Cane Corso


Large, Mature, Male Globo was born in 2007, so for a cane corso is already quite advanced in years. Do not let this put you off this boy, please. He deserves to spend his life happy and loved just like any other dog. Do not be like his owners and ...

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Large, Mature, Male Pato was adopted recently and brought back for no particular reason other than an apartment is not the right place for a dog of this size! Pato is a big dog, and despite his age (he was born in May 2004) he is very active. He is ...

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