Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Hyde

We have had some very good adoptions recently. Yes, of course they are all good, but when dogs who have been at the SPA for a long time are adopted, we are all particularly happy. So this appeal is to try and draw attention to another dog who is one ...

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New Arrivals



Kouban| PP414

Male, Young, Medium Oh, here is a great dog! Kouban is a stocky and gentle black and tan boy who is really friendly and affectionate. Upon arrival he was put straight in to share with a female dog, and the two of them are busy having a competition as to who ...

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Dumbo| PP378

Male, Young , Big Dumbo was found and brought in by one of our British supporters who lives in a nearby village. This Anglo is a magnificent dog; positively regal in his bearing. And unlike many dogs of this breed, he doesn’t appear to be at all wary of people. We suspect ...

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Medium, Young, Female Hyde is a young female whom the vet estimates as having been born in December 2013. She is extremely nervous, and we can only guess at what has happened to her prior to her arrival at the SPA. She is sharing her kennel with a more confident ...

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Chippeur |PP340

Chippeur is good with cats. We know that for sure, because he was brought in after having been found in a car with three cats; they had been locked in there for 2 days, and the fact that no fur was flying tells you all you need to know about ...

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