• husky cross with blue eyes

    Adoption of Lego

    Another great adoption today, that of Lego. This husky cross was brought in to the SPA for rehoming ...

  • brindle coloured dog

    An adoption and a surpise reunion!

    We had an incredible surprise at the SPA today. After arriving with us in early January 2016, Tagine...

  • Thick set dog with long ears

    Adoption of Lovely Bones!

    Tonight we are delighted to inform you of the adoption of Bones. As we often say, all adoptions are ...

Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal:Mami

    In this appeal we are looking for a very special family, one that is prepared to take on a dog who has ongoing medical issues. Mami arrived at the SPA at the end of October and she was in a terrible state. Bald and painfully thin, she just ...

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New Arrivals



Large, Young, Male Roxy is a gorgeous mix of griffon and something like labrador, giving a stocky dog with a moustache! He was abandoned by his owners as they felt unable to commit to having such a large, active dog. What a shame they didn’t think of that before taking ...

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Jura male jura de bruno


Medium, Young, Male Jura is a Bruno de Jura who was found with another chasse type dog and brought to the SPA. As the hunt is not yet over, our assumption is that he is perhaps not the best hunter in the world; either that or the money required to ...

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Nesquick french spaniel cross

Nesquick| PP429

Male, Young, Medium Nesquick is a French spaniel cross who was brought to the SPA in late September. At the time of going to press he has not seen the vet, but he looks to be young and in good health. He is quite a stunner, too, and for people who ...

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Yuki| L589

Large, Young, Male   When Yuki arrived he was terrified. He was put in an external box and spent a cold night alone. Gaining his confidence to coax him out was no easy feat, as he appeared to be aggressive. Now he knows us well and has realised that we are ...

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