Urgent Appeal

Bouriquet cocker spaniel cross

Urgent Appeal: Bouriget

  Bouriquet was found tied up to some bins in a nearby village. At the time he was in need of veterinary care for a nasty cut, which of course was done immediately and paid for by the SPA. Is this unwillingness to pay for a vet’s bill the reason ...

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New Arrivals

  • Maho bruno de jura cross puppy


    Medium, Puppy, Male Maho is the last of the Bruno de Jura puppies and although he is sharing a kennel with two other dogs since his siblings were adopted, we would really like him to find a home of his own. It is all too easy to see a dog ...

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  • Chinet young female border collie cross


  • Big large male golden labrador


  • Mowgli small male griffon cross


  • Lipton mature male brittany spaniel


  • Maa mature male shepherd cross



Tag shepherd cross

Tag |P384

Medium, Young, Male Tag was born in September 2011 and is a lovely long-haired shepherd cross. He was happy to share his box immediately upon his arrival and seems to be settling into refuge life. At the time of writing he has not been for his first walk (as many ...

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Medium, Young, Male Jekyll is back after several months as he kept escaping to his neighbour’s garden and causing havoc in the flower beds. A young lad, Jekyll still needs some training, but he is fine with other dogs, as well as being a handsome lad. No reason why he ...

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Globo mature male Cane Corso


Large, Mature, Male Globo was born in 2007, so for a cane corso is already quite advanced in years. Do not let this put you off this boy, please. He deserves to spend his life happy and loved just like any other dog. Do not be like his owners and ...

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Large, Mature, Male Balou arrived at the end of the hunting season, which makes me wonder if his hunting days are over and his owner does not want to feed him all through summer until the hunt season starts again. Balou is a griffon type, who was born in June ...

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