• shepherd cross with big ears

    Four on Friday

    We had four great adoptions today. First to leave was Lancelot, a fabulous small dog of indeterminat...

  • big brown puppy

    Adoption of Pirouette

    Today we “only” had one adoption, but we had lots of other good news, which will mean ad...

  • black and white Amstaff

    Adoption of Amstaff Drago

    Today Drago, a fabulous American Staffordshire left for his new home. He arrived identified but the ...

Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Nesquick

Nesquick is one of the ScPA dogs for whom the phrase “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” was invented. We have lost count of the number of dogs he has shared his kennel with; each time they are adopted he shares with the next dog, never complaining, always welcoming. Our ...

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New Arrivals


Griff young male griffon cross

Griff | R481

Male, Young, Medium Grif is the third of the three dogs who was brought to the SPA at the age of two having spent their lives hitherto in a garage as their owner did not want them when they were born. Grif is making slower progress than his siblings, but he ...

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Titou | T533

Male, Young, Medium Titou is a fabulous hunt type dog who has just arrived at the SCPA having been found straying in a nearby village. He is not identified, but unlike many of our hunt-type arrivals, he is neither thin, or in poor condition. Perhaps someone is looking for him, but ...

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Leo | T519

Male, Young, Large How can anyone accidentally lose a dog of this size? Answer; they can’t. Leo has obviously been deliberately abandoned, and what is worse, he has a Romanian microchip that has never been registered, either in Romania or France. This means that he was brought to France without the ...

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Cerise female shepherd cross

Cerise | T409

Female, Young, Medium Cerise was brought in for rehoming by her owner who was not someone who should have an animal, and who realised that Cerise would be happier elsewhere. So really we don’t know much about her, as her owner did not know her so couldn’t pass on much information. ...

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