• tricolur border collie

    Happy Monday

    Today another of the family of border collies was reclaimed, making four, with just one to go. Juan ...

  • Home to Home

    We have another lovely young dog who needs to move home. Sometimes peoples circumstances change and ...

  • Doberman cross

    Two Adoptions and Barock finds a foster home

    We had two adoptions today and both were of pinshers! Bit of a size difference between them, though....

Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Cliona

Many of you will have read about Cliona and in fact many of you probably donated to her veterinary care. Cliona was spotted straying in a nearby village and was in such a state that many people were scared and threw rocks at her. Luckily some compassionate people gradually gained ...

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New Arrivals


Juan border collie cross

Juan| R451

Male, Medium, Young Perhaps you heard about the five border collies who were brought to the SPA after they were found living all together in a truck. Well Juan is one of them. At first we were not sure how well socialised they were, but now we know a bit more ...

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Liquorice young male


Male, Young, Medium Liquorice was adopted immediately after his pound time ended so when he left we had not really got to know him very well. He has now been brought back as not being good with cats. He was tested when he was at the SPA, but at the time ...

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Panais |P178

Small, Young, Male Here is a little lad that will appeal to a lot of you. Jagd terriers are (as their German name implies) hunting dogs, but they can make great pets too. They are small and feisty, and full of energy, and Panais (Parsnip) is no exception. Initially not ...

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Spike| R484

Male, Large, Young Spike has only recently arrived, but is such a beautiful dog that we thought you lovers of big dogs might like to see him. We don’t have any information on this lad as yet, except to say that he is friendly and obedient. We will update soon!

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