Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Mila

Mila is a very tall border collie cross, she looks like a tradtional border, classic black and white, but she is more the size of a Belgian shepherd. She even has the pointed ears! Mila arrived at the SPA in mid-November, abandoned by her owner who was pregnant and not ...

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New Arrivals


Finn male Bruno de Jura

Finn | R593

Male, Young, Large We are happy to have Finn at the SPA. Why? Because we know for a fact that he has been straying in a nearby village for several months. All attempts to capture him failed until eventually an employee of the mayor’s office managed to gain his confidence and ...

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Flurry female shepherd cross


Female, Young, Medium Flurry has been at the SPA since June 2016, and although she was a bit difficult at first, she soon settled down and is now a great young girl. She has stunning looks, primarily black but with brown highlights, and not only is she fine with male dogs, ...

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Winnie large male cross breed

Winnie | R592

Male, Young, Large Winnie would be a great dog for anyone looking for a big young fluffy dog. We think he is a cross between a pyrenean mountain dog and a golden retriever, as he weighs 30 something kilos, with more to gain. He was born in February 2017, so even ...

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Liquorice young male


Male, Young, Medium Liquorice was adopted immediately after his pound time ended so when he left we had not really got to know him very well. He has now been brought back as not being good with cats. He was tested when he was at the SPA, but at the time ...

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