• border collie cross

    Adoption of Moliere

    This week has been a pretty grim one at the refuge, with a LOT of new arrivals, and until today, onl...

  • half pint rottweiler

    Adoption of Puppy Gimli

    Well, following yesterday’s adoption of puppy Diamant, today we said farewell to puppy Gimli! ...

  • Diamant

    Adoption of puppy Diamant…

    Well Darcey was right in yesterdays blog, we did have an adoption today! Today puppy Diamant left wi...

Urgent Appeal

Pica young female

Urgent Appeal:

I remember well the day of Pica’s arrival. This tall, leggy shepherd cross was terrified of everyone and everything, and is yet another dog who for whom the refuge has been the best thing to happen. Seven months on, and Pica, who is now some two and a half years ...

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New Arrivals


Melie female young shepherd cross

Meline | T

Female, Young, Medium It looks like Meline arrived at the refuge immediately after having had puppies, and she was in an extremely emaciated condition. Whoever dumped her at the SPA gates needs a good talking to, as they clearly have no idea about animal welfare. Or more likely they just ...

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Taser | LL385

Medium, Young, Male   Taser is a brindle and white boxer who arrived at the SPA in August 2014. At the time he was a bit imid, but he has changed a lot since being at the SPA. Hardly surprising when you consider that he has spent so much time there! ...

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Nairobi shepherd cross

Nairobi | T202

Male, Young, Medium Like Chippeur Nairobi was found tied up in the middle of a field, and although neither dog was thin or showed signs of mistreatment, what is being tied up in a field if it is not mistreatment? Nairobi is a very handsome dog, his pretty tricoloured markings really ...

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Zebuline | T583

Female, Young, Medium Zebuline’s owner is well known to the SCPA, as we have played host to many of his dogs over the years. Usually he reclaims them, and usually (like always!) we wish he wouldn’t. Zebuline has a chance for a new life, as he has not come to collect ...

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