• tricoloured spaniel puppy

    A Day of Twos

    We didn’t have any adoptions today, but it was a day of twos. We had two arrivals, two reserva...

  • dirty dog then clean dog

    A spruced up Ellie leaves!

    Today saw the adoption of Ellie. She had only arrived recently, but it was obvious immediately that ...

  • shepherd cross

    News of newbies

    On a day when there are no adoptions how can there possibly be good news? Well firstly the weather w...

Urgent Appeal


Urgent Appeal: Cerbere

Cerbere is currently living in the infirmary, but although he is in the warm, nothing beats the warmth of a loving home, especially for a beagle. When Cerbere arrived he was quite poorly. He had probably eaten something that had caused his insides to bleed, but all appears to be ...

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New Arrivals


Eridan male cross breed puppy


Medium, Young, Male Eridan is still a puppy, yet so far the two families who have adopted him and brought him back both expected him to have the calmness and maturity of an older dog. Be realistic in your expectations, please. A puppy is naturally boisterous and playful. A puppy ...

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Scampi border collie cross


Male, Young, Medium Scampi simply MUST have had an owner before this beautiful spaniel/border collie cross arrived at the SPA. I know border collies are clever, but it is very unusual for one to obey commands at a distance from someone they have never met. When taking photos of Scampi (who ...

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Tildi |P348

Medium, Young, Female Curious one this! Tildi arrived having had very recent (and expensive) surgery on one of her back legs. So someone loved her enough to pay for this, but is not motivated enough to come and look for her at the SPA. Perhaps they are away on holiday ...

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Smurf Black and tan griffon cross


Medium, Young, Male Okay, I will be completely upfront about this. I want Smurf. If I didn’t have an old dog who is enjoying her final months, plus two other dogs, Smurf would be at my home right now. The next best thing is for me to find him a ...

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