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More arrivals; it must be the holiday season!

ow do you know when it is holiday time in France? Because loads of dogs arrive at the refuges, of course! Yesterday we were shut, but 6 dogs still managed to arrive, and a further 5 today. Where are we expected to put them all? Well, clearly that is our problem; the people who dump them all clearly don’t care a jot.
The only person with whom I have any sympathy is the owner of Snoopy, a beautiful dalmatian, who was brought in today. The poor woman has a terminal illness and is unable to look after her dog. She was clearly very ill, and in my opinion this is why the SPA exists, to accept dogs whose owners have a genuine reason for giving them up, not just a change of heart. In any case, Snoopy should find a home easily, as despite being 7 years old, Snoopy is fine with all other dogs and cats. And I know there are lots of fans of this breed out there!

It was not all bad news today, as apart from one of the new arrivals whose owner came to get him, there was actually an adoption. Little Ed, has been renamed Elliot, and gone to a lovely new home. The last Elliot we had at the refuge was a magnificent rottweiler. As someone pointed out, the colours are the same, but there is about a 50kg difference in weight between the two!

Snoopy arrives








Ed (Elliott ) leaves


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