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35 degrees and a good day for Sangria!

Sangria arrived with another pup about two weeks ago and they have both attracted lots of attention.  They were only 6-8 weeks when they arrived but they are chubby, happy, healthy looking pups who are full of puppy fun and nonsense! A family who have recently relocated to this area spotted her on the website and their two little girls fell in love with her right away.  Unfortunately for the girls they did have to wait the statutory 10 days but today the wait was finally over. With excitement, as well as the temperature reaching fever pitch , off she went!

This is the time of year when we see an influx of both puppies and kittens coming into the SPA. I have to admit that I love the fact that I can cuddle and play with the puppies – but at the end of the day I don’t have to be responsible for caring for them and turning them into good canine citizens.

Many people come to the SPA specifically to adopt a puppy, and sadly the older adult pets are often overlooked. I, for one, would much rather adopt an adult pet, and I would encourage everyone to consider doing the same.

Here’s why:

 What you see is what you get: I often hear people say that they would rather adopt a puppy because they want to mold his or her personality and behavior. I do understand this but only if you are prepared for the hard work needed to toilet train, educate and adequately socialize a young pup. With older dogs, what you see is what you get.  From the start you know how big they are, their personality and behavior, and grooming requirements.  Knowing these things makes it easier to pick the perfect pet for you and your family.

You can teach an old dog new tricks: Adult dogs have much more focus and are calmer than their puppy counterparts. They also have more experience reading people and understanding what is being asked of them.

 Puppies are a lot of work: Don’t get me wrong, I think puppies are adorable and lots of fun but they are also lots of work!  Older pets don’t require nearly as much monitoring and training, and many of them are already house-trained, which means fewer “accidents”.

 Older dogs settle in quickly: Adult dogs have been around the block and know how to be a part of your pack. They should settle in and become part of the family pretty quickly.

 Adult dogs are better couch potatoes: Puppies can definitely run you ragged and we’ve seen many pups returned to the SPA by families who didn’t realize what they were getting in to. Adult dogs are still active, but they also know how to lounge next to you on the couch while you watch TV, check your email or read a good book.

As I write this, we have lots of wonderful adult dogs who are looking for forever homes so please don’t  pass them by simply because they aren’t puppies anymore. Please come to visit, meet  them… and hopefully adopt one too!

Sangria on her way home.



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