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Indy’s Off!

I wonder if Indy’s owners ever imagined, when they abandoned him, that their dog would spend over two years in a kennel at the SPA? In any case last night this lovely pale shepherd cross finally left for his new home. He has gone to live in Germany, thanks to an association that specialises in dogs of his “breed”. He is a lucky boy, as for some reason he has not attracted any interest since he has been at the SPA. Apart from with the staff and volunteers, that is, with whom he has been a great favourite. Easy on the lead and with a character that can best be described as Joyful, Indy is a fabulous dog and we are so happy for him.

Today at the refuge there was not much to report. A little chihuahua was reclaimed after having been found and brought in on Tuesday. She was identified, but as her chip was registered in Spain, it took a couple of days to break down the language barrier. However all’s well that ends well and dog and owner were reunited today.

Thanks to all today’s dog walkers, and also to Anny, osteopath to the stars (well, to the SPA!) who came along to help some of our elderly dogs with their aches and pains!

Indy – Right, my bags are packed and I am ready to go
white shepherd with one floppy ear









This little Spanish Chihuahua was reclaimed












And here is Osteopath Anny with Papy Banjo

girl massaging Banjo


Urgent Appeal: Indy

Indy - Urgent AppealWe are delighted at the adoption of our last urgent appeal, Ezio, and are hoping that our next boy might have the same luck. As the year draws to a close, we often reflect on the dogs who have been with us the longest, and wonder if this year will bring them the happiness they deserve.

Indy has been at the SPA for almost 2 years, having arrived in February 2015. He is a very handsome boy, and it is surprising that no one has chosen him. Officially he is a labrador/border collie cross, but in reality he is just a medium sized white dog with thick fur, and a joyful personality. Taking him out for a walk always brings smiles. Indy loves to skip along, overjoyed at being out of his kennel and is just full of fun.

Indy was born in September 2012, so is still a relatively young dog, but without the craziness of some of our real youngsters. As for the reason he was brought to the SPA? Apparently Indy had attacked some chickens. Having seen how thin he was when he arrived, I am not surprised! We know that Indy chases cats, and although he would prefer to be an only dog, he can walk with other dogs quite happily.

Who can offer a home to this lovely boy?

Sunny Saturday and adoption of Lindy Hop!

With temperatures already in the mid-twenties we thought that we would look at how to keep your dog safe and cool in two parts, in the home and in the car! Keeping your dog safe in the heat is crucial, so here are some ways to help your dog cool off in the heat of summer.

Remember that dogs cannot cool themselves by sweating like humans. They might sweat a small amount through their pads, but the main way a dog cools off is by panting. Unfortunately, panting is not enough when it is extremely hot and humid.

It is essential that you keep fresh, cool water available to your dog at all times. In hot weather, this is even more crucial. Make sure you keep the water dish in a shady location and change the water frequently. A doggy ice lolly made from chicken stock keeps the busy and cool!

Your dog might enjoy a little sunbathing, but she ultimately needs a cool, shady spot to relax. Prolonged sun exposure often leads to heat exhaustion. Sunscreen is available for dogs and useful for fair of thin coated dogs but the best thing is to make sure that there is shade available or keep them indoors.

If your dog loves water and you don’t have a pool then a large tub or kiddie pool (moulded plastic, not inflatable) might be a great addition to your garden. Many dogs enjoy playing and lounging in the cool water but try to keep the pool in a shady spot and change the water frequently. Lots of dogs appreciate a dip in the river or lake and I have to admit that I have often been very envious of my two when they plunge into the village lavoir at the end of a walk!

When its hot try to exercise early in the morning or in the evening when its coolest and be very careful of hot pavements or sand on the beach if you are out and about. Shorter but more frequent walks are best and carry a portable water bottle and bowl on walks.

My dogs prefer to lie on the tiles when it’s hot, however, a cooling dog bed can offer the comfort and softness of a typical dog bed with the coolness your dog craves. Cooling dog beds often use a gel-like material or simply water to keep the bed feeling cool. These beds are especially great for senior dogs as an alternative for hard floors. Another cheap trick is a covered frozen hot water bottle or a cool wet towel to lie on.

So, if you have tips on keeping your dogs cool, we would love to hear from you!

Lindy Hop was the lucky girl who left today. This still leave Bugle Boy from this litter for adoption as well and the lovely little Primtemps from another litter!

Lindy Hop – adopted!

pale beige and white puppy


black pup with curly hair

Keeping cool!

Hot Doggi

Windy Cité and Open Sunday.

The weather was much kinder to us today in that it did not rain. There was still a cold wind, especially in La Cité, where it was day two of the Fete of St Nicolas. Well done to the team who managed to endure the arctic conditions! The presence of Benedicte’s huge Great Dane certainly drew the crowds, and one onlooker suggested that we charge a euro per picture; we would have made a fortune!

This afternoon the refuge was open as it was the first Sunday of the month. That is not the same as Christmas for the Animals, which may happen next weekend, if we feel there is enough interest (and if the weather looks okay; I don’t think any of us can stand another weekend wrapped up like the Michelin Man!)

Still, at least it wasn’t wet, and so although we were not as busy as we would have liked, we did have two adoptions. Usually we only have reservations on Sundays, but today Carole gave up her one free day to join us for a couple of hours, and her timing was perfect!

First to leave was old man Hercule. His new family are first time dog owners, so a calm, older dog suited to apartment living seemed just perfect. Hercule was the oldest dog at the SPA, and it is lovely to think of him in the warm tonight.

Then we had the adoption of Caramel. He has gone to the mother of friends of volunteer Deb. See how this whole word of mouth thing works? They were looking for a calm, medium sized dog who would not be too difficult to walk. Carole was there to advise, and her choice proved to be bang on. Caramel needed to get out of the refuge, he arrived fairly thin and refuge life has not been helping at all; he has been looking more and more whippet-like as time went on. He and the family, including two young children, seemed to form an instant bond, and off he went!

There was a reservation too, but even had Carole been there at the time, this dog would not have left, as he needs to see the vet first. I am sure you can guess why; we haven’t told the dog yet!

A couple of other visitors are thinking about whom to choose, so all in all it was a pretty good day. Especially as the only dog who arrived was micro-chipped and was reclaimed as soon as her owners could make it.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Should we do it again next week?

Team Cité. Spirits are high despite the icy cold!








A sprightly eleven year old Hercule – ADOPTED













And Caramel – ADOPTED








Adoption of Kyka

Only one adoption today, but as it is a case of second time lucky for the dog in question, it is a good one.

Kyka arrived at the refuge in May but it took until mid September for her to attract the eye of a family. Why is that, you ask, as Kyka is an adorable young girl, playful, sociable, and full of joy. What is that we were saying about hidden gems? Yes, Kyka definitely fell into that category. However sadly her first adoption did not work out. Left alone for too long with nothing to do, Kyka set about amusing herself in the only way she could find, and the owners were not happy with her ideas of interior decorating!

So about a month after her adoption Kyka was brought back, and many of us feared that she would have another long wait. Being medium sized and medium brown does not help, it must be said. But today Kyka was given another chance and she has left for a new home. Her new family know that Kyka cannot be left alone for long periods, initially at least, and everything seems to be on track for success. She is truly a wonderful young girl, and we hope she will be very happy, and bring her family nothing but happiness.

medium brown dog


Tomorrow’s weather doesn’t look as if it will be much better than today’s, but if we can have an adoption on a wet and windy Saturday, we can surely have at least one on a wet and windy Sunday!

Two adoptions and missing moggie Molly is reunited with her family.

There were two adoptions today, to brighten an already sunny but windy day.

Believe it or not, the third of the six Greek God(esse)s was adopted. For a group of unwanted dogs, they have certainly had a lot of success finding homes! Today it was the turn of the eldest of the group, Peanuts. Yes, we know that is not the name of a Greek God, but she arrived a couple of days after the other and was not named by the same person.

At ten years old, Peanuts needed a bit of good luck in finding a home. But in fact all it takes is the right person to come along at the right time. Today an elderly gentleman came along with his daughter, and Peanuts was just what he was looking for. So this lovely girl has gone to spend her retirement luxuriating in the warm, with lots of long walks and affection. How quickly a dog’s life can change, and this time it is most definitely a change for the better.

beagle cross

Peanuts – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to Logan. He was found at the end of October, tied to a lamp post next to the canal. He was not identified, but in any case assuming that it was his owners who left him there, it is just as well they did not come to reclaim him.

The vet’s estimate has his birthday as being March 1st 2018, but I like to think that he was wrong, and that in fact today is Logan’s first birthday. In any case, he now has the best present ever; a home of his own.

Black dog


Finally news from the feline side of the house. Today a cat was reclaimed some 18 months after she went missing! Molly was found earlier this week 30 km from where she was last seen. Her owners have moved house since, but never gave up hope of finding her again. They made sure their details were up to date on the database and constantly scoured the internet for sight of Molly. We have no idea what she has been up to all this time, but she seems none the worse for her adventures and is now back home with her family.

Molly- RECLAIMED after being missing for 18 months

A lesson yet again in the value of identification, be it of a dog or cat, and wonderful news on which to end the day.

A good start to the week.

When eight year old Falcor was brought in for rehoming in April this year he was quite thin and infested with fleas. A couple of weeks later and he was looking magnificent, and as this dog is fine with other dogs, cats and children, he has been a very easy “guest”

Before the adoption of ultra-timid Olaf, the two friends (who were sharing a kennel at the time) spent a few days in the reception room, and it was there that we saw what a calm and well behaved dog Falcor was. However he is not the youngest of lads, and is starting to have a few arthritic niggles. A cold kennel is not the best place for him, especially as winter starts in earnest.

He was featured on the ScPA “advent calendar” which is promoting a different dog each day, and he was being considered by a possible foster family, when the miracle happened. A couple came to the refuge and fell head over heels in love with Falcor. They were looking for a calm dog who was easy on the lead and who would not be upset at being left alone for short periods each day. Falcor was their number one choice, and he left this weekend for his new life.

setter cross

Falcor – ADOPTED

Next Cerise, who came back last week following an unsuccessful rehoming, has left again. In fact the day after her last adoption we learned that one of our regular dog walkers was interested in Cerise. So when she came back, the ScPA contacted her and asked if, knowing what we now know (those pesky cats again!), she was still interested.

So Cerise has another chance, but this time with instructions as to how dog/cat introductions should be handled. Sometimes allowing the animals to meet slowly can make all the difference, and we hope that Cerise has found her forever home this time.

brown and black setter cross

Cerise – ADOPTED (again)

Finally today we also said goodbye to Clementine, a tiny little yorkie cross who was brought to the ScPA at the end of last month. She was identified and adorable, but still she remained unclaimed. Such things are hard to fathom. In any case today she left for her new home. Her new family are actually the people who found her as a stray, and this hooks up nicely with Moira’s blog of yesterday….Finders keepers does NOT apply to dogs.

Lucky, the golden retriever was indeed identified and is back with his owners. But as Moira stated, had he not been, Cindy would have brought him to the ScPA (or the pound indicated to her by the mairie). Because any dog, identified or not, needs a chance to find his owners.

Clementine’s new family could have just kept her without her passing via the ScPA. But they would have always felt a bit uncomfortable had they done so. Very few people could sleep well at night, knowing that perhaps a family is searching for their beloved pet. As it is, everything has been done correctly. For anyone with a conscience, honesty is the best policy!

yorkie cross

Clementine – ADOPTED

I was going to share with you some end of year fundraising news, but tonight’s blog is already long enough. So that will have to wait for another day!

Adoptions of Puppy Aquila, and ex-Puppy Helios!

Today puppy Aquila officially left for her new home. We say “officially” as she had been with her new family since last weekend, and was just waiting for the end of her pound time for the adoption to be finalised. As mentioned numerous times, unless we have proof that a dog has been abandoned, he or she has to spend 10 days at the SPA or (if they are lucky) in a foster family before leaving properly. However on this occasion and without going into too many details, we were pretty sure that no one was looking for Aquila. And Thomas and his family was happy to take her knowing that there was a tiny tiny chance that she would be reclaimed. Already Aquila (now renamed Mika) is a much loved member of the family, and her eventual projected size, up to 45 kg, is not an issue. Is this why she was abandoned, we wonder? In any case, things could not have turned out better for her.

There was another adoption today, too, and much ensuing celebration. After two and a half years, Helios has found a home. This small griffon cross was adopted when he was a puppy (he was named Eduard and was part of the Twilight litter, along with recently re-adopted Bella) and brought back in June 2014. Now almost four and a half years old, Helios has found a home which he will share with 12 cats! Luckily we are sure that he is fine with felines, as he has been living in the cat house for some time, due to a recurring problem caused by soggy paws.

So two lovely adoptions to start the week. Let’s hope the wild and windy weather relents a bit and that there is more good news to come.

Aquila (now Mika) ADOPTED by her foster family
black puppy










Helios – ADOPTED after more than 2 and a half years at the SPA

pale griffon

Adoption of Youkie

Today we have had it all. Grey skies, wind, sun and torrential rain. So does the weather effect your dog’s behaviour?

Certainly thunder effects my dog Phoebe. She does get restless before a thunder storm and lies in her safe place long before we hear the thunder.

Some dogs hate the rain. Dogs often hesitate before going out in the rain. It’s not because they’re afraid of getting wet, but because the rain amplifies sound and hurts their sensitive ears.

On a windy day my dogs are crazy in the woods. As their noses are so sensitive to scents being blown around they become overexcited following their noses. This works fine for me as it really tires them out!

The heat really effects some dogs, especially the pups, oldies, fatties or the poorly ones! So during the heat of summer be cautious exercising your dog. Early morning walks in shaded areas are best and don’t forget that pavements really heat up too.

Summer is very hard for our dogs in kennels. The concrete really heats up and all we can do is keep them cool by hosing it down as often as possible.

One dog who wont have to worry about the heat in the kennels is Youkie. This two year old arrived at the SPA in March and for a young male he didnt have too long to wait! Today he left with his new family ..be happy Youkie!

We also had 4 arrivals, 2 of whom were reclaimed, so all in all,numbers are up by one tonight!







Collar CATastrophe

Despite this blog’s being very much canine-centred, sometimes we simply HAVE to talk about feline-related issues.

Today a cat arrived at the SPA with a horrifically mutilated neck. This was due to a collar that had apparently been caught on something and caused extensive cuts and a great deal of bleeding. Of course once at the SPA this cat was rushed to the vet, but perhaps it is worth reminding people of the dangers of putting collars on outdoor cats. It is wonderful that you want to show that they have an owner, but is it really worth the risk? After all identification is far less hazardous, either in the form of a tattoo (visible) or a microchip (okay, not visible, but if your cat becomes lost, a chip will reunite you).

The collar issue also applies to dogs, of course. It is generally accepted that all dogs should wear a collar, but a proper fit is essential. Who remembers the state of Prosper (the current DRC Urgent Appeal) and Douce when they arrived at the SPA? They both had horrible injuries. In Prosper’s case this was due to use of a prong collar, and Douce’s collar appeared not to have been changed since she was a small puppy. Both are now fine, of course and we wish the same for today’s arrival.

No adoptions today at the SPA, but two reservations. One will remain a secret until tomorrow’s blog but the second is that of Lindy Hop. We tell you that just so you know that only one spaniel pup now remains, gorgeous little Bugle Boy.

It is the start of another long weekend, but please remember that although the SPA is closed on Monday, we are open tomorrow and we hope there are lots of adoptions to end what has been a mixed week.

Today’s horror

cat wearing collar covered in blood












Prosper arrived with a neck injury

dog with injured neck










As did Douce

Brown dog with injured neck