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Hallowe’en joy for Kalou and adoption of little Mia, too!

Today we had the first black dog adoption since the start of this year’s special promotion. After nearly 10 months at the SPA this time, Kalou left for a new home. We say “this time”, because this was not his first time at the SPA. Kalou and his siblings were rescued from horrible conditions when they were quite young pups and came to the SPA, from where they were all homed. Kalou’s home did not work out, and he was returned in February this year, as being not good with cats or other male dogs.

Only one of those facts turned out to be true. It is mistake that people often make. Because two dogs do not get on, it does not mean that they will not each get on with a different dog. There is chemistry between dogs, just as there is between people! Since coming back to the SPA, Kalou has lived happily with several different males. He is still not good with cats, though!

When he arrived back he was extremely nervous of people and had never been on a lead. Enter the staff and volunteers, who have walked Kalou, loved him and a couple of them even took him to dog school to help him regain confidence in himself and in people. He is far from being the terrified dog we re-met in February. Plus he is incredibly handsome, and today his good looks caught the eye of a young woman who already owns a three year old malinois, Kaylah.

The dogs got on wonderfully together, and Kalou was off. The Hallowe’en fund was put into action, but Kalou would have left even without this financial incentive. It really was love at first sight, and we are delighted that finally Kalou has the home he deserves.

black shepherd cross


So that is the first adoption of a black dog this Hallowe’en season, and two black cats have been lucky so far. Who will be next? This handsome lad, perhaps?

big black lab

Will Kalou’s kennel mate Liquorice have the same luck?

Kalou was not the only dog who left us today. Another dog who has not had the best start in life also found a home! Today tiny pinsher/ pug cross Mia left for her new home. She arrived ten days ago, and although her former owner contacted us to tell us a bit about Mia, we had no contract of abandon and so little Mia had to wait ten days before being able to leave. Still, it is the end of a long period of instability for this little girl. Mia is not even a year old, but has already moved homes at least 4 times.

We wish both her and Kalou lots of love and happiness  in their new homes.

And our second Hallowe’en leaver is….Pica!

Today almost  black dog Pica left for her new home, and we were as delighted for her as we were for Kalou yesterday. No, her life had not been anywhere as difficult; but her arrival at the SPA was equally tragic. Pica was one of several dogs who is at the SPA following the death of their owner. Pica has “only” been with for 2 months, but at eight years old at the time of her arrival, we were not sure how long she would have to wait. Luckily not everyone wants a puppy or even a younger dog. There are definite benefits to adopting a calmer, older dog, as Pica’s new family will doubtless find out.

She is a great girl, and as she was one of our recent stars of Hallowe’en, it seems fitting that she should leave today. Yes, we know she is not really black, but as with so many things, flexibility is the key, and Pica was on the list of Hallowe’en dogs and cats.

Pica getting into the Hallowe’en spirit

In not such good news Connor returned to the SPA today. However as he was clearly not happy in his new home and has lost weight since leaving us, perhaps it is for the best. He didn’t seem too upset to find himself back at the SPA, so for the moment that is where he will stay.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, so the SPA will be closed apart from a few sneaky dog – walkers. Enjoy your time off everyone, and there will be more adootion news on Thursday! Oh, and a couple of people have asked about the Hallowe’en outfits that they have seen on Facebook (one of which is modelled here by Pica)  Yes, they are for sale in exchange for a small donation and can be seen at the SPA.

A selection of Hallowe’en costumes at the SPA


Let the good times roll!

Today we had three adoptions and we are delighted!

First to leave was Smurf. He arrived at the SPA in late June and initially was regarded by some as being aggressive, as he hid at the back of his kennel growling. However the employes who looked after him knew otherwise knew better, as did any of the volunteers who spent any tine in the kennel. Just sitting calmly would result in a little dog belly-crawling forward till he was within cuddling distance. Like so many of our arrivals, Smurf was terrified. Terrified by the noise at the SPA, terrified by people who had no doubt beaten this little lad.  It took a few weeks, but he gradually realised that that period of his life was over, and from now on there would be nothing but love.

He was soon sharing his kennel with Cesar, and the two dogs were inseperable, until Cesar’s adoption exactly one week ago. Smurf soon found a new kennel mate, however, and his move to a different part of the SPA brought him luck, as the increased visibility brought him a home of his own just four days later. We are so happy for this lad who could so easily have been left behind. His new family have another ex-SPA dog who was a bit nervous when she arrived at their home, and they are perfect for Smurf.

Funnily enough Smurf’s most recent kennel mate, Kalouf, was adopted today too. He arrived at the other end of the confidence spectrum, although both dogs were about the same age (about 6 months old)  when they arrived. This is yet more proof of how crucial a dog’s first few months are to his future deveolopment. Kalouf was already a happy, outgoing and well socialised dog, and we have no idea why he arrived at the SPA, other than that he is quite a big lad, and perhaps he outgrew his family’s expectations.

Luckily lots of people like big dogs, and despite few weeks with no interest, Kalouf suddenly became one of the most popular dogs at the SPA. By this time, though, he was already reserved. His new family was looking for a big young dog, they saw Kalouf on the internet and came along specially to meet him. Due to family commitments over the holiday period they were unable to adopt him immediately, but today their return heralded Kalouf’s departure and the start of his new life.

The third dog to leave has perhaps given us our adoption of the day. Poupette has found a home after being abandoned towards the end of September at the age of nearly 12. It has been horrible seeing this dog, who was used to a warm home and affection lying looking miserable in her kennel. However that is all over now! Poupette’s new owner recently lost his ex- SPA dog Tesson (who some of us remember) and wanted to offer a home to another needy soul. How lucky was Poupette that she is fine with cats, even if she doesn’t like other dogs. We are all so happy that this elderly lady is no longer living outside in the cold.

Smurf- ADOPTED (“who, ME?” ) 
balck and tan griffon









Kalouf- ADOPTED (and renamed Brody)

shepherd cross








And Poupette who celebrates her 12 birthday with a new home!

brown and grey dog smiling


A day of goodbyes…

Today volunteer Dominique was busy again, This time she was driving Kalou and Daisie to Limoges airport where they were collected by their new owners.

Kalou was one of the wolf litter who were brought into the refuge with their mum after having been mistreated by their owner. Mum left quickly, adopted by someone who knew her before she was brought to the refuge. There were six pups, three white and three black. Guess who were adopted first? Kalou left today to live with Jennie who adopted Atlas from us about a year ago. We know Jennie well and know what a super life this lucky boy is going to have!

This leaves two girls, Lilou and Lou. They are lovely pups who have had lots of socialisation from the volunteers. They are now walking on leads and gaining confidence every day! We would love these girls to find a home soon. The refuge is no place for a pup to grow up so please, if you are considering an addition to your family, think about Lilou or Lou!

Daisie is a tiny podenco who arrived at the refuge in a terrible state. She was skin and bones but even worse she had a pellet wound which meant that she needed to have a leg amputated. During her recovery, we got to know this tiny, sweet natured girl well and I am delighted to say that she has gone to a lady who has lots and lots of experience in podencos.

Kalou and Daisie were our happy goodbyes but we also have a very sad one.

Elaine, the lovely lady who adopted Vixen last August had to say her final goodbyes today. Vixen arrived at the refuge when she was about 13 years old and went into foster with Martine. Here she stayed until Elaine was back in France and we could arrange travel. Vixen had 9 very happy months with Elaine who I know will breaking her heart tonight! Thank you Elaine for making the last 9 months of Vixens life so wonderful!

Kalou and Daisie are adopted!



R.I.P Vicky ( ex Vixen)


Wash Day Thursday…

Today was even hotter than Tuesday. There was no breeze and as temperatures soared above 30 degrees it was just too dangerous to walk the dogs. Instead we washed and brushed Cleo and Peraud, patted them and gave then treats. Ears were cleaned, matts were clipped, they really did have a good make over!  Sunay and Balik really enjoyed a good brush, every little bit of attention that you can give a rescue dog is appreciated!

We then spent some time socialising the pups and took Kalou into the cat house. Kalou is reserved and we know that his new home has cats so we wanted to make ensure that he used to feline friends. I have to say he was a darling in the cattery and as a few cats felt safe enough to rub themselves on him he must have been giving off the right vibes!

As promised we caught up with yesterday’s two arrivals. One has already gone home and the other is lovely Lincoln. Todays arrival was Caramel and there will be more information on both dogs as we get to know them and they have visited the vets.

Continuing this week’s theme, here are a few tips on how to keep your dog safe in the heat:

Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night. Since these are the cooler parts of the day, this will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog. Keep the exercise gentle and do watch your dog for signs of overheating!

Watch for signs of dehydration. Dogs can’t sweat. They cool off by panting, so an overheated dog will drool excessively. It will become lethargic, its eyes will be bloodshot, and it may appear a little pale. If you lift its skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.

Keep your dog hydrated! Different dogs have different needs when battling the heat. Keep in mind that darker coats absorb more heat than lighter coats. Also, overweight dogs are at higher risk for dehydration. Carry a bottle of water when going on a walk with your dog.

Dogs cool from the bottom up. Make sure to spray the paws and stomach, not just the top of the dog, when spraying it with water. A wet towel does more good on the bottom of your dog than when laid on the top of its coat.

Use hot weather as an excuse to swim more often! The best activity you can do in summertime or hot weather is swimming. Instead of walking the dog, take the dog for a swim or paddle!

Be very careful of hot pavements. Try the 30 second rule. If you can’t keep your hand on the pavement for 30 second without feeling uncomfortable then its way too hot for your dog’s paws!

Stay safe in the sun!

Lincoln – More information soon



Caramel , very cute!


Ouch, hot pavements can mean burnt paws!





Puppy fun in the sun…

I am betting that lots of you are going to be very jealous when I tell you how I spent my afternoon! Jane, Cyndy and I had a super afternoon washing puppies and then playing with them in the exercise parks!

These 5 month old pups arrived at the SPA at the end of April and hid together at the back of the kennel as visitors approached. Today, Kalou, Lilou and Lou were washed, brushed and allowed to play in the park. I have to say they were very well behaved when being washed and it was really great seeing them gain confidence and play together outside, just like normal pups really. It would be great to find homes for these lovely pups soon as its heart breaking seeing them grow up at the SPA.

We did have two arrivals, a Border collie and an Australian Shepherd. Both lovely dogs and luckily the latter is chipped and lives not far from where it was found. It was Wanda, one of the Spa supporters and adopter of Sake and Lollipop that brought the Australian Shepherd in after it was found in a field near her farm. This lovely girl is stunning and in great condition and we fully expect her to be collected tomorrow.

As well as all of the puppy fun we did have quite a few doggies walked and brushed but numbers are increasing and we don’t have much space left.

You can help by word of mouth and by clicking share on our doggy profiles. You never know whose desktop it will end up on and it just might help that dog find its forever home!

Kalou..a stunning berger cross pup.



The new border arrival..




The beautiful Australian Shepherd..


An afternoon of puppy fun