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A Busy Monday

A busy Monday at the SPA, and all the movement was in the right direction, which is not always the case after an open weekend!

Today we said goodbye to five dogs, although not all of the leavers were adopted, as you will see.

First up, two dogs were reclaimed. One of them, a staffie, was reclaimed by his owner after legal formalities were completed. We knew he would be leaving, hence there are no photos of this lovely boy. We weren’t sure about¬† Saturday’s stunningly handsome arrival, Pontus, as he arrived non identified. That has been rectified now, of course. We already had several people interested in adopting this lad, but it was not to be. He already has a home!


The adoptions next. Gorgeous Debbie arrived last month and was an immediate hit with lots of staff and volunteers. Unlike many dogs of this breed (fauve de bretagne), Debbie was not at all scared of people, and on walks would prefer to have a cuddle than follow a scent. She was spotted on line and today went off to live in a fabulous new home with a little white poodle. She is a very lucky girl indeed.

Debbie – ADOPTED

Another lucky dog is Boston. He was found straying in a local village and it took some time to chase him down. Today marked the end of his pound time, and once he was back from the vet it was straight into a compatibility test with two other small dogs and then off to his new home. His new family had no intention of adopting a third dog, but they saw him on our site and thought “What the heck, two or three makes no difference!” What a busy day it has been for this tiny lad! In fact what a change 10 short days have made. Once again, the SPA is a stepping stone to a far better life.

small white JRT

Boston – ADOPTED

The last dog to leave the refuge is Celeste. Many of you know that Petra and her family recently fostered Darby. He of course is now living in Germany, but Petra continues to voluteer dog walk for us. Last Thursday she spotted timid Celeste, and wishes to help her to overcome her fear of people. What better place to do this than in a home with other dogs, children and lots of walks! So Celeste is still available for adoption, but in the meantime she has a loving family to look after her! Many thanks to Petra and of course to today’s adopters.

big hunting dog

Celeste- into foster

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