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A day of reunions!

Well, today saw no fewer than three dogs finding their owners. Tom, a Brittany spaniel and Bruno, a little griffon cross were both chipped, so reuniting them with their owners was not too tricky. However Moise (in real life, Titou) was not identified, so that was a bit harder.

Turns out this border collie was 15 years old, and his owners were delighted to find him. Even more so as he has not been in a cold wet box at the refuge, instead he has been looked after by a SPA-supporting family. They said they would keep him for as long as it took to find his owners, and I know for a fact that they were quite sad to see him leave. I get attached to any dogs that come my way very quickly, too, so I understand completely!

One further reunion was that of Kaira and Chico. Kaira returned from the vets after being under observation since her twisted gut on Saturday. Now she is back to normal and she and herkennel buddy, Chico were very pleased to see each other. She will be encouraged to eat in a more ladylike manner from now on, after her lucky escape!

So all in all that is four reunions today. And in a way, the one adoption was also a reunion! The couple who adopted Martin have been walking him regularly for nearly two months but were unable to take him sooner due to travel commitments. When they arrived today, complete with lead and collar, Martin (now Marty) knew his time had come, and he wagged his little stump of a tail like crazy! We are all so pleased for him, this little lad arrived in a terrible state, covered in scars. Isn’t he looking handsome now!

So that is four dogs out of the refuge today, and only one arrival. He is chipped too, so who knows, maybe he will be reunited with his owner too. We could do with more days like this!

Bruno finds his dad










Moise (aka Titou) finds his owners. He is 15!










And Martin (now Martin) is adopted after 5 months at the refuge!











(This is how he looked when he arrived at the SPA four months ago)





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