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A day of Tornadoes!

There was a brief discussion this morning about whether or not it was even worth opening the SPA today. We had storms overnight and heavy rain forecast; the likelihood of having any visitors was small. However everyone felt that even if noone came, the animals would appreciate a bit of company and reassurance. Thunder and lightening is very scary for some dogs.

So for the most part it was a working afternoon. Volunteers busied themselves doing gardening and clean-up tasks, and others put up a much needed set of shelves in the storage area. That coupled with the clean up of the reception area yesterday and the refuge is looking pretty tidy!

Despite a few heavy showers during the afternoon, some dogs went out of walks, and we even have an adoption! Little Tornade was adopted as a puppy  from the SPA in early 2016, and was brought back on Thursday for one of the usual reasons; a move to an appartment being the main one. There was a series of other excuses, in case someone pointed out that having a 5.5 kg dog in a appartment is hardly the end of the world.

Tornade’s CV meant she was not going to have long to wait. Good with dogs, calm, housetrained, sociable etc etc. And sure enough she was adopted today by Muriel, who has been looking for a small female for some time. Tornade is now renamed Biscuit, and a happy life awaits, we are sure!

small terrier

Tornade – ADOPTED

More bad weather is forecast overnight and for the rest of the week, so it would be nice to see yet more dogs out of the refuge and into loving homes.


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