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A different kind of cuddle!

It is not every day that I have a farewell cuddle with a dog like Duffy; calm, gentle and affectionate. On the other hand, it is not every day that I have a farewell cuddle with a dog like Roxanne. This German shepherd pup was found and brought into the SPA on the Saturday before the Open Day, and she was reserved the very next day. So she just had to wait her ten days before she could leave. In fact her name was chosen by her new family, as we knew she was going to leave so didn’t want to confuse her!

Today was the day! It was amazing that this photo even happened. It is the only one of about 10 that is actually in focus. This little dog really moves! In fact, when I said I had a farewell cuddle, it would be more accurate to say that I had a farewell wriggle!  It was really nice, though, and I am sure that in time she will develop Duffy’s more mature way of accepting affection!

A number of volunteers were at the refuge today and so several dogs were walked, and a few new dogs arrived, too sadly. One of them was reclaimed and to the man (not “gentleman”) who brought one of them in, please don’t blame the dog if he is in your garden. Please don’t threaten to hurt him if he comes back into your garden. The only person to blame is the dog’s owner and perhaps yourself, but do not threaten to hurt a dog who is just following his instincts.

The new arrivals since I have been away include two jack Russell pups, a female coton de tulear, some older calm dogs and some big beautiful younger ones, too. In short, something for everyone! Come and see us, take them for a walk and enjoy some canine company with like-minded folk. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon, for sure!

Roxanne the wriggler








New arrivals Gulliver




















…and Bikini


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