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A dog and her owner reunited and more details of upcoming event

Below you can see a photo of Matilda, an English bull terrier who went walkabouts at a busy intersection of Carcassonne yesterday. By this morning her owner, an Englishman, had done all the right things: contacted the Police, put a photo on chien-perdu (see links page) and contacted the SPA and this website. Traffic is always a worry, as is dog-napping, and I was particularly concerned about the possibility of the latter, as this breed is popular amongst the more undesirable elements of society for reproduction or for fighting. The announcement on the Facebook page emphasised that Matilda was a lover, not a fighter, and also that she is sterilised. In any case, before the refuge had even opened, Matilda had been found and brought into the SPA, where her delighted owner collected her and made a very generous donation.
Now for me this is the main reason why we are here. Not re-homing dogs and cats for divorcing couples, not trying to home all the unwanted puppies and kittens because people refuse to sterilise their animals. It gladdened my heart, to be honest, after all the bad news of recent days.
By the way, if your French is not good enough to follow all the steps to find your dog, just let us know that you need help; we will put the announcement on chien-perdu for you and do everything we can to reunite you with your pet. There is a chat-perdu site too!

Also below you can see the photograph from the press conference that was held on Wednesday, along with a poster advertising the upcoming event. On Tuesday and Wednesday (June 18th and 19th) you can drop off any dog or cat-related donations at the old mayor’s office on Rue Aime Raymond in Carcassonne. But your donations are welcome at the refuge at any time too, of course!

Naughty Matilda with her puppy (who did NOT go missing!)

miss my mum











The children from the Children’s Town Council (note that Baileys is checking that Lucky is not making another faux pas!)









And the poster for the event. Please come and see us!


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