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A Flying Carpet, and adoption of Twitter, too!

What can I say, everyone knows how I love a beagle and today our boogie-woogie beagle boy, Carpet, found what is, by all accounts, a wonderful home. I am so pleased for him, as I hate to see a beagle behind bars (I prefer them on my sofa, even if mine does snore like a pig). And Carpet had been with us since the end of May, after being run to ground on the ring road by SPA secretary Carole, who was trying to get home after a hard day’s work. He has gradually been putting on weight so I am pleased that he will be getting more exercise from now on!

The second adoption of the day was that of puppy Twitter. He has been in a foster family with volunteer Isa since he arrived 10 days ago, and in fact was reserved on the day of his arrival, so it was just a question of respecting the legal “pound time”. His adopter is a friend of volunteer Audrey, so we will have news, no doubt. Many thanks to Isa and her family for keeping this boy out of the refuge and giving him such a lovely time while he was waiting. Fostering is not an easy business, emotionally. His brother, Google, is also reserved as of today, too, leaving just Vista who was found later, so is still officially in “the pound”, although she too is living the life of riley in the home of yet more wonderful volunteers.

There were two further reservations, both of adult dogs, and only one arrival, who is a identified and this is not the first time he has wondered, so we are hopeful that he will be reclaimed.

As Mondays go this one wasn’t too bad! Let’s hope the week carries on positively.

Carpet – ADOPTED











Twitter – ADOPTED

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