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A foster home for Boule

Well, today didn’t bring about a huge rush of adoptions, but there was a reservation, and one little dog left for a lovely retirement, which is very good news indeed!

Boule arrived last month; a tiny cairn terrier who is still identified in the name of the pet store from which she was bought when she was a puppy almost 13 years ago. It is strange that the ownership documents have not been changed, and perhaps even stranger that no one was looking for this lovely little girl. Okay, she does have a couple of medical issues, she is blind in one eye meaning she turns in small circles from time to time, but she loves a walk and a cuddle, and although a bit scruffy, she is in pretty good shape.

Sad though it is, like the majority of dogs who arrive, we will probably never know what brought Boule to the refuge. However after a certain amount of time (legally 10 days, but Boule has been there longer,), the best thing to do is to find a new home. Boule has been living in the infirmary, naturally, but that is not as good as a home of her own. And as of today, that is what Boule has!

Cyndy used to volunteer dog walk at the refuge, but lives a bit too far away for this to be a regular thing. However she continues to follow DRC, and has always said that she would like to foster an old dog. Today she came along with her boy, Bailey, to make sure he and Boule would get along. Cyndy often dog sits for friends, so she knew Bailey would be fine, and Boule was her usual happy self, trotting along gently.

Far from regarding Boule as being with her for end of life care, Cyndy sees no reason why Boule should not join them in Spain next winter, and has plans to make sure she has as full a life as possible from now on! So she will be another of the regions very active retirees, just of the canine variety!

Many thanks to Cyndy and we will pass on news and photos in due course.

cairn terrier

Boule – gone to a long term FOSTER

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK, but not so in France, and the ScPA will be open as usual. Perhaps there will be more good news then.

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