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A good start to the week.

When eight year old Falcor was brought in for rehoming in April this year he was quite thin and infested with fleas. A couple of weeks later and he was looking magnificent, and as this dog is fine with other dogs, cats and children, he has been a very easy “guest”

Before the adoption of ultra-timid Olaf, the two friends (who were sharing a kennel at the time) spent a few days in the reception room, and it was there that we saw what a calm and well behaved dog Falcor was. However he is not the youngest of lads, and is starting to have a few arthritic niggles. A cold kennel is not the best place for him, especially as winter starts in earnest.

He was featured on the ScPA “advent calendar” which is promoting a different dog each day, and he was being considered by a possible foster family, when the miracle happened. A couple came to the refuge and fell head over heels in love with Falcor. They were looking for a calm dog who was easy on the lead and who would not be upset at being left alone for short periods each day. Falcor was their number one choice, and he left this weekend for his new life.

setter cross

Falcor – ADOPTED

Next Cerise, who came back last week following an unsuccessful rehoming, has left again. In fact the day after her last adoption we learned that one of our regular dog walkers was interested in Cerise. So when she came back, the ScPA contacted her and asked if, knowing what we now know (those pesky cats again!), she was still interested.

So Cerise has another chance, but this time with instructions as to how dog/cat introductions should be handled. Sometimes allowing the animals to meet slowly can make all the difference, and we hope that Cerise has found her forever home this time.

brown and black setter cross

Cerise – ADOPTED (again)

Finally today we also said goodbye to Clementine, a tiny little yorkie cross who was brought to the ScPA at the end of last month. She was identified and adorable, but still she remained unclaimed. Such things are hard to fathom. In any case today she left for her new home. Her new family are actually the people who found her as a stray, and this hooks up nicely with Moira’s blog of yesterday….Finders keepers does NOT apply to dogs.

Lucky, the golden retriever was indeed identified and is back with his owners. But as Moira stated, had he not been, Cindy would have brought him to the ScPA (or the pound indicated to her by the mairie). Because any dog, identified or not, needs a chance to find his owners.

Clementine’s new family could have just kept her without her passing via the ScPA. But they would have always felt a bit uncomfortable had they done so. Very few people could sleep well at night, knowing that perhaps a family is searching for their beloved pet. As it is, everything has been done correctly. For anyone with a conscience, honesty is the best policy!

yorkie cross

Clementine – ADOPTED

I was going to share with you some end of year fundraising news, but tonight’s blog is already long enough. So that will have to wait for another day!

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