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A Helping Hand…

Today the SPA was shut and apart from the kennel staff cleaning out and feeding the dogs it was quiet.

Lots and lots of you ask how you can help us make life just a wee bit better for our dogs and of course not everyone is in the position to adopt so here are some suggestions:-

Volunteer. Without our volunteers the dogs would not be walked outside of the refuge. We really need to get the dogs used to being out and about, teach them leash skills and get them socialised. Through doing this we learn lots about the dog and can thus advise prospective adopters re their choice of dogs. As a volunteer you can walk small dogs, big dogs, the choice is yours. If you don’t fancy walking you can play in the park with dogs, groom them or just give them cuddles. Whatever time you have to give helps dog cope with the stress and anxiety of kennel life. We have a super team of both English and French speaking volunteers so if you would like to join us you would be made most welcome.

Fundraise. We have teams of both English and French speaking volunteers who host various events to raise funds for the SPA dogs. We have an English speaking fundraising group with a facebook page too. If you would be interested in helping then just get in touch.

Donate. If you don’t have the time to volunteer or fundraise a little donation is most welcome. Our paypal account address is our email and every little helps. All of the monies raised through DRC goes towards the SPA dogs and lots of it allows us to transport dogs to other associations where they have a much better chance of being adopted and a lovely time whilst waiting!

Share, share, share. The power of social media is fantastic and our page is very dynamic. Please take a second to click share when you see a doggy profile. You just never know who will see it and it can really help our dogs get a home.

Collect. With winter fast approaching, we will need blankets and towels .Its a never-ending task ensuring our dogs have a warm, damp free bed.

Transport. We regularly transport dogs to the UK. If you are driving back and don’t mind a doggy passenger please get in touch. We of course do the paperwork, provide a cage and lead and pay for the dogs channel crossing.

So if you can’t adopt but want to help please do get in touch…we need and appreciate all the help we can get!

A helping hand…








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