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A Hidden Gem and Urgent Appeal- Graf

It has been a little while since we brought your attention to one of our hidden gems, so without further ado, please meet Graf.

This English setter is one of the most gentlemanly like dogs at the refuge and although he is not particularly elderly, he has just passed the ScPA’s criterion to be a senior dog. So Graf is both a Hidden Gem and an Urgent Appeal. This means that should you wish to offer him a home, you can receive a helping hand with the fee from DRC, but of course that is no reason to adopt a dog. Once you read about Graf you will see that there are many other good reasons to do so.

english setter

Graf is attentive

Graf is a setter who was born in May 2011. He was brought in for rehoming by his family who were unable to cope with this dog’s tendency to escape from their garden. But this is his only fault, and it is one that can be solved by having a well enclosed (really well enclosed) garden. Once this problem is solved, you will not find a better dog than Graf.

Graf is fine boned and light on his feet and he does not pull at all on the lead. If we hadn’t been informed about his Houdini tendencies, we would never have guessed. Even on a 10 metre lead he remains close to his walker’s side. And if he does walk ahead and you call his name he comes back immediately for a pat. Walking him is a real pleasure.

Graf never pulls to the end of his lead and always keeps an eye on his owner

Graf is fine with other dogs and is currently living with one of the refuge’s very nervous dogs to help her to gain confidence. And of course he is doing a great job. We don’t know how he is with cats, but we can check this out easily enough.

He is wonderful with children and just the sort of dog who would help little ones overcome any fear of dogs. Although he spent over 8 years with his family, he spent most of the last two years chained up to prevent him annoying the neighbours. So although being at the refuge is hard on him, it is definitely the first step to a happier life. And whoever adopts Graf will be extremely lucky indeed.

Graf is a very handsome lad

I cannot stress enough the need for an enclosed garden. Graf has already worked out how to slide the bolt to open his kennel door. He loves being with people, and cannot be left outside on his own unless the drawbridge is definitely up! However that is not the hardest problem to deal with, and as Graf is such a wonderful dog to walk, he would be fine with a small garden plus regular outings.

Come and meet lovely Graf and fall in love just as we have all done!

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