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Hidden Gem Tom has now been adopted

This is the first of what will be many longer pieces about dogs in whom DRC has a particular interest. For which read “A particular love”. On many occasions we have described a dog as a “hidden gem”, and our goal is to tell you more about these dogs and hopefully find them new homes quicker than would be the case otherwise.

This is Tom

Today we would like to introduce you to Tom. Unusually for a refuge dog, we know exactly what breed he is. This is because some great supporters of DRC adopted his sister, Théa (now renamed Betsy) a month or so ago, and they did a DNA test. Tom is 75% labrador and 25% mastiff. And this is a fabulous mix!

From the back he looks pure labrador, although one from working line, ie lower to the ground a stockier than their cousins from the beauty line. His head is squarer than a lab’s would be, and this is where the mastiff shows. He is all black apart from a bright white bib area and the tips of his toes, plus one bright white “sock”. He is simply stunning.

He is a stunning lad who was born in February 2019

Tom was born in February 2019, and so he was just out of puppy-hood when he arrived at the refuge at the start of October. But wherever he was before that, there was no mistreatment involved. Tom is a very sociable lad, with great body language. He likes children and although he can be a bit brusque when meeting other dogs, if introductions are done properly he mixes fine. He shares his kennel at the refuge. He seems intrigued by cats, as opposed to being aggressive, but further tests will be needed if he is to be awarded “cat-friendly status”.

He is wonderful on the lead, I took him out today on a long line but he chose to stay close to me. When I stopped and called his name he came to my side, leaning against my legs. Now who doesn’t like a dog that leans? Tom loves a cuddle, loves to have his belly rubbed and his back scratched. He is still quite puppy-like and has lots to learn, but he sits down when you ask him too and although he does jump up a bit, it is never aggressively.

Not the best photo in the world, but look at that beautiful smile!

We at DRC are in close touch with Tom’s sister’s new family, and we know that Betsy has been perfect from day one. She was house-trained and has fitted into their lives as if she has always been there. They are delighted with her and, like us, they adore Tom and want him to find a new home soon.

If you are looking for a young dog who already has some basic training, please consider offering a home to Tom. DRC would be happy to meet you at the refuge and help with any introductions, or if you would like any more information first, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Like all the dogs at the refuge, Tom is fully vaccinated, identified by microchip and castrated. He weighs about 20 kg (yes, he is not as big as you might expect) His adoption fee is €170. He really is a hidden gem; let’s get him adopted soon!

Look at his long sock!

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