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Jhabu will be leaving for his new home soon!

We are looking for a new home for stunning pedigree Great Dane Jhabu.

His owners left for a new life in Australia, but before doing so they found Jhabu what they thought would be a home for life. Sadly it was not to be, and his new family wishes to rehome him.

Blue merle great Dane

Djabu is a magnificent boy

Jhabu is a magnificent blue merle Great Dane. He is five years old, is vaccinated, castrated and is in good overall health. He came from a breeder and is a fabulous looking dog. Jhabu was born with one leg shorter than the other, but thanks to regular exercise and massage he no longer limps, so his handicap is of no significance, although he might get a touch of arthritis in later life.

His behavioural problems are perhaps due to the fact that his original owner allowed him to nip when he was playing. Being nipped by a dog of this size, even during play, can’t be much fun, so his interim owner has been working on this. Jhabu is having trouble accepting that the rules have changed, so an experienced owner is needed, and he is probably best being homed away from small children.

Jhabu can live with cats, although supervision will be required

Jhabu can live with other dogs, although careful introductions will be needed. If play gets too rough Jhabu can forget how big he is, and so needs to take a bit of a time out, but this just requires a bit of supervision. He can be a bit brusque with cats, and again supervision will be required.

Jhabu is a magnificent dog who is responding very well to his new training regime. It is never too late to learn, and Jhabu is keen to do so.

What he needs most is a change of environment, a calm home, preferably with someone who knows the breed and has time to devote to him.

Djabu loves the outdoors, but would like a calm life.

Can you offer a new home to Jhabu? There are no adoption fees and Jhabu is located about 1 hour from Carcassonne, near to Mirepoix.

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