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Rita has been rehomed!

Many thanks to everyone who shared for Rita and enquired about adopting her; she now has a wonderful new home!

It is wonderful that so many adoptions have taken place during lockdown, and this is proof, if any more were needed, of how important the company of animals is during stressful times. Yes, despite restrictions on our movements, life carries on in all its rich tapestry. Including, sadly, people needing to rehome their dogs.

DRC is trying to find a home for lovely Rita, an 18 month old German Shepherd. Or Shepherdess, rather! Rita’s owner is seriously ill, and in fact the only reason she has not gone to a hospice is that were she to do so, Rita would be left alone. So yes, time is of the essence.

Rita’s owners were already elderly when they took her on, and sadly the husband passed away last week. An unwise decision to take on a dog, for sure, but that is not Rita’s fault. Nor is it her fault that she has had little in the way of education. However she has been visited by a dog educator who can vouch for her wonderful nature, and is in fact the person to be contacted with reference to rehoming Rita.


Rita is a beautiful 18 month old German Shepherd who needs a new home

He, Arthur, assures us that Rita responds well to training, and like most dogs of her breed, will be a loving and devoted friend. As is typical of GSDs, she has a tendency to guard but has never shown any aggression to humans. As long as introductions are done properly, Rita can live with other dogs. She has been living with cats although she does have a tendency to chase, without ever doing any damage. She shows no aggression to children, although Arthur feels that due to her boisterous nature, young kids might be at risk of being bowled over.

Rita’s ideal home would be with a training minded family, preferably one who knows the breed. They will have lots of space and time to exercise and play with this young, exuberant dog. She has a lot of learning to do, and is not used to the lead, but she is quick to learn and eager to please.

Rita is beautiful and friendly and will make a great friend

Rita is currently living between Mirepoix and Lavalanet but can travel to her new home. She is vaccinated, identified and will be sterilised before joining her new family. There are no adoption fees.

If you can offer a home to Rita please contact
Arthur Groves: Tél Port (English)
Brigitte Seguela Tél Port (French)

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