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A (Joey) Star arrives!

Another week has started and with a bit of luck some of the people who visited us yesterday for the Open Day will return to adopt. We did have lots of visitors, and several people are going to think about their choice before committing. I for one salute you. Far better that than to pick a dog and bring it back immediately because it was not what you (or your partner) wanted. I freely admit that it took me three months of regular visits to the SPA before I found and adopted Lily, my aged ex-hunt beagle. It was before I was a volunteer, and although I liked several of the dogs, I wanted one that I knew was right for me and my other dog. Now I know the dogs much better there are many more I would adopt, but as a casual visitor you have very little information to go on and it is best to think first than regret afterwards.

A bit like the old proverb “marry in haste, repent at leisure”. A good adoption should be like a good marriage. You make sure it is right and it is for the long term before you rush into it.

A few more words about the open day yesterday. Several dogs got over-excited and a couple of fights broke out. This seems to happen at every open day (although it generally doesn’t result in bloodshed). We have been trying to work out what went wrong and what we can do to stop it happening again.

One option is to no longer open on the first Sunday of the month. But what is the good of that? Some people can only make it “en famille” on a Sunday, and of course the dogs get company on an afternoon when they are normally left alone.

One reason that the dogs get agitated is that people throw dog treats into the cages, rather than handing them to the dogs individually. Of course fights can break out when two dogs both rush for the same treat; even my own dogs will do that on occasion. Another thing that can be upsetting to a dog is when its kennel mate gets a walk and it is left behind. We do not allow people to walk one dog of a partnership. If there are two dogs in a kennel, then two dogs must be walked at the same time. And if one of them is not up to date with its vaccinations, then neither dog goes out. There is just no point in risking the health of the unvaccinated dog. Of course if an adoption is in the offing, that is a different thing entirely. We like adoptions!

So yesterday was a mixed open day and has certainly given us lots to reflect on. Live and learn.

Not much to report today, apart from the arrival of Joey Star. I actually saw this little dog yesterday during the open day. A couple had just hit him with their car in Montlegun and brought him to us. They then kindly took him to the vet (which is where any injured animal should go, but they weren’t sure what to do), where it turned out that he was fine, but unidentified. So today he is with us. If you recognise him please tell his owners there are no bills to pay. This little boy who is 5 to 6 months old would just like to be back in his home!

Joey Star- safe after his near miss

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