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A Monday Adoption

It would be a miracle if we had as many adoptions this week as last but who knows as its only Monday and we already have the adoption of Tyson.

Tyson was found straying in Limoux but guess what…he was chipped but the owner had moved without leaving a forwarding address!

What a shame as he is a large, friendly, gentle giant who loves everyone and I bet was a very loyal pet!  Never mind, his 5 month stay with us is not as long as some large breed dogs have and he has left with a super forever family.

There are lots of reasons why people cannot keep their dogs. Some are feeble and pathetic but some are genuine and it really is in the best interest of dog that its rehomed.

If you find yourself in this situation please don’t just abandon your dog in the streets or at the gate, please come in and speak to us, we will arrange an admission date and we will ask you all about the dog.

This means that we know what and who your dog likes, if he has lived with children or other pets, if he can be trusted not to roam etc. etc. and we can find him the perfect forever family much quicker.

We have so many families come to us and ask for a dog who is good with children it really increases their chances of spending as little time with us before being adopted.

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, not a decision to be taken lightly so please think how you would cope with your dog should your circumstances change, A little forethought can save many abandonment’s!

On the arrivals front a Jack Russel arrived who is identified so we hope that he will be leaving very soon.

Tyson adopted..



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