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A new home for Oleg

I am sure some of you will recall the two terrified setters who arrived at the ScPA at the start of this month. Oleg and Olaf were an estimated three and a half years old, but from their behaviour it seemed that they had never known anything but misery that entire time. We suspect that they come from a background of clandestine breeding, both dogs were terrified of humans and quaked with fear whenever they were approached.

Olaf was slightly (but only slightly more) outgoing and was adopted a week or so ago, leaving his brother to make new friends at the refuge. Which he did, both human and canine. But of course the refuge is not the ideal place for timid dogs. The staff and volunteers do a wonderful job, of course, and Oleg was starting to make progress. But how much quicker he would get on in a home of his own!

Luckily for every dog there is a home, or so we have to believe….It is just a question of timing. Employee Isa recently lost her beloved dog Pixie, and now that the initial pain has passed, she realised that she was ready to offer a home to another needy soul. Oleg, with his timid character, appealed to both her and her husband. So they decided to take the plunge once again. As of tonight, Oleg is safe at home in the warm. He has a long road ahead of him, but we know that with Isa and her family (and cats) he is in excellent hands (and paws).

Of course we love it when members of staff adopt dogs, because we know we will get regular news, and we already have the first photo of Oleg in his new home.


We are looking forward to big news tomorrow if all goes according to plan. Please read tomorrow’s blog!

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