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A New Life Begins for Munro

Where to start? Well, I guess the beginning was Gwen, who used to be at the refuge in Narbonne. She was destined for the big kennel in the sky, as the Narbonne refuge was bursting at the seams, and Gwen, a griffon fauve de bretagne, was not doing very well there. We at the SPA Carcassonne took Gwen and 4 other dogs who were due to be put down, as at that time we were luckily enough to have some space (oh, happy times!). Anyway, Gwen caught the eye of a couple in England, and they decided that she was the dog for them. So a human chain was formed and Gwen went off to a much better life and is no longer the timid girl we saw here in Carcassonne.
When Munro arrived in early January, I let Gwen’s adopters know. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?! They are part of a fauve rescue group (this breed is virtually unknown in the UK) and they found what appears to be a perfect home. And so today, newly castrated and with his very own passport, Munro left the SPA. The human chain is the same as last time, which was more by luck than design, but it does make me think that fate is playing a big part in this entire thing!
Munro will meet his new family and their dog tomorrow and providing all goes well he will start his new life. There is a safety net if things don’t work out; Gwen may be getting another brother, albeit a temporary one!

Safe journey Munro!


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  1. Brilliant – what a happy ending for these dogs. More, more, more, we need more happy endings!

  2. Good luck Munro, freedom is yours 🙂

  3. Good luck Munro. Happy Life sweetheart. These human chains are so fantastic aren’t they? Please let me know if I can help again! I loved being a positive part of a lovely dog’s rescue, although I broke my heart when he left. I know he is in such good hands now. He starts his flyball training at the end of may. Way to go Harlequin! 😀

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