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A Remembrance Day to Remember!

Today is Armistice Day, but it was decided that as it is a Saturday, traditionally a busy day at the SPA, we would open anyway. And we are so glad that we opened. It was a wonderful day.

June left with her new family, who had reserved her last weekend. They were worried about how June would be without her brother Len, and even before his adoption, the SPA had separated the two dogs. Verdict; they were just fine, and of course Len already has a home and has adjusted to life without his sister just fine. She is a lovely girl and we wish her loads of love and happiness in what promises to be a fabulous home.

black and brown shepherd


Next to leave was Panais. Yes, Panais who has been at the SPA since April 2015, and even that was not his first time at the refuge. This lad, just coming up to his 5th birthday, has spent almost all of his life behind bars. A gentleman came to the SPA today looking for a feisty jack russell, but when his eye fell on Panais, bouncing round his cage as usual, he was smitten. One advantage of dogs who have been at the refuge for a long time is that we know them well. It must have seemed as if we were trying to put the man off adopting Panais, but no, we just believe in being as honest as possible. Panais’ new owner is going to take him to dog school and is by no means a first time owner, so, at last, this active and characterful dog seems to have found the perfect home. He is a great favourite with us all, and we are thrilled for him. We have been promised visits in the future, and am sure I will not be the only person with their heart in their mouth when we see Panais getting out of the car.

Small balck and brown dog

Panais – ADOPTED

On the other end of the confidence spectrum, we have little Hugo, who also left today. He has not been at the SPA as long as Panais, “just” since March 2016. He is one of the dogs from Ste Eulalie, and followers will know that it has been a long time since a dog from this “pack” has been adopted. Progress with these dogs has been very slow, but better that than overwhelming these timid dogs with too much too soon. As with Panais, staff and volunteers were able to pass on lots of information about Hugo, and in light of recent events (Clifford!) the crucial advice to not let him escape. Hugo’s new family seem extremely well prepared to look after a timid dog, and Hugo’s new life has begun!


Finally and without wishing to dwell on what was a very unpleasant incident yesterday, please can everybody note that it is the law of France, not the SPA Carcassonne, that requires animal leaving the SPA to be identified. If your dog or cat arrives at the SPA it is not our fault. It is your fault that he or she was straying. You will be required to pay (to the vet, not to the SPA) the cost of identifying your animal, and if you are unwilling to do so, then your animal will stay at the SPA. Assaulting hard working refuge staff is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

For those of you with an unidentified dog or cat, why not get him identified now, while he is safely by your side? That way if he arrives at the SPA, he will be returned to you without any problem. This is just one part of being a good owner.

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