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A Stella(r) Adoption

Another day, another fabulous adoption! This time it was the turn of Stella. She arrived at the end of November, since which time she has stolen the heart of many staff and volunteers. Unlike many of our long-eared dogs, Stella is not at all nervous. She is affectionate and playful and always looking for cuddles. Recently however we have been very concerned about her, as she had started losing weight. Tests showed no illness at all, and Stella continues to eat well. It appears that she was just pining. For what, we are not sure, as of course we have no idea of her background; she was found as a stray.

Today she found her new home, and everyone is delighted for her. Her new family were unphased by her slight physique, promising to fatten her up. Her sponsor, Ingrid, is over the moon, although of course sad not to have been at the SPA today to say goodbye. I feel a sneaky post-adoption visit might be on the cards….any excuse for more cuddles!

brown and pale long-eared dog

Stella – ADOPTED

Tomorrow we have an event at the SPA. Coraline, already a SPA volunteer walker, recently won a beauty contest, and wants to use her fame to help us publicise the refuge! Usually when beauty queens say they love animals, everyone rolls their eyes at the clich√©, but in Coraline’s case it is true! She already knows many of our dogs well and will be leading a 2 hour walk tomorrow starting at 14H00 (ish). There will be a small drinks reception afterwards with some colleagues from the press. Let’s hope the weather is good and that Coraline brings some welcome publicity to the SPA.

beauty queen

Volunteer Coraline is coming to walk some dogs tomorrow

Let’s hope it results in yet more wonderful adoptions, like that of Stella today!

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