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A stroke of genius! (not mine!)

Good ideas are invaluable, and we are not too proud to admit that we have “borrowed” someone else’s stroke of genius here. We have Moira to thank for this one, but as I am blogging tonight, I am the one to tell you all about it.

Amazon runs a system of “wish lists”, which work a bit like a wedding list. You just note down the things you want and either you or some other kind person can buy you presents. Well, now the SPA Carcassonne has such a list. There is one on both the Amazon.uk site and one on the French site, too, links to both are below.



We thought this would be ideal for people who do not like sending money, people who don’t have Paypal or who do not want to pay bank transfer fees. You can choose what you would like to send and it will be delivered directly to us! Be aware of delivery costs, sometimes you have to place a minimum amount in order to avoid these. And for UK people it may be easier to order from the French site if delivery is an issue. You can use your UK account to place the order, the same password will work!

What a brilliant idea, thanks Moira! Things that we require range from expensive items such as specialist dog food for Scotch, our diabetic dog, or Beyrouth, the Rottweiler who needs hypoallergenic food, but also items like Scalibor collars wormers and kitten milk. Something for all budgets.

If we have any emergencies, we can add items to the list and highlight the issue on Facebook or this blog and with any luck people will rally round. How clever is that?

At the moment priorities are good quality wormers (Drontal and Milbemax, the latter is not available on Amazon, but it is on the list in any case, as a wanted item).

Of course the “old” ways of donating are still possible; lots of you send gifts via zooplus or directly (thinking particularly of Sarah, who sent a whole suitcase of goodies earlier this week). And of course you can continue to donate via Paypal or by bank transfer. This is very much an extra. Equally you may see something that is on our Amazon wish list but find it cheaper elsewhere. At least you will know what we want!

Thanks to everyone as ever for your wonderful generosity. All we want is for our dogs and cats to have a better life at the SPA until they are lucky enough to find their forever home.

A recently arrived gift (thanks to Sarah)…….











…..who adopted Michel from us nearly 2 years ago, but hasn’t forgotten us!


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