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A successful Sunday…

Today lots of volunteers have been very busy in lots of ways and everyone’s goal was to help the animals of the SPA.

The ‘car booter’ team were up very early to drive their wares over to Quillan for the Sunday vide grenier organised by Julie. Books, bric a brac, clothes and cakes were sold are the ladies raised 425 euros for the animals of the SPA. A board with pictures of the dogs available and information on adoption was also on display so who knows, maybe today will also lead to some adoptions!

This was also a memorable day for our stalwart car booter Fred. This was his last car boot sale for us and what a magnificent day he had for it. The sun shone, everyone was happy and he raised 145 euros for us. Thank you to Fred and his wife Margaret for supporting the SPA over many years and for fostering and adopting from us too!

How will we spend this money? Well, every cent that is raised goes towards helping the animals of the SPA. Watch this space, I anticipate some very lucky doggies will be travelling soon towards a very bright future!

The next volunteer to be on the go was Shirley. She has been fostering puppy Lilou for us and today was the day Lilou (now Connie)  met her new family.  Many thanks to Shirley for fostering tiny Connie who is off to live with the Ellis family in Toulouse. We know this family well as they adopted Derek, a wonderful spaniel cross from us and we often have updates of his adventures.

Other volunteers were busy online, sharing dog and cat profiles and replying to queries about our animals. 70% of our adoptions come from our website or facebook page so its important for us to keep that updated also.

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, the SPA was open and again lots of volunteers turned up to welcome visitors, show them around and introduce them to the dogs and cats. Lots of dogs were also walked or played in the parks. As well as Lilou we also had the adoption of Belle but this adoption is such a love story that I shall blog about it tomorrow! We also had 3 dogs and 3 cats reserved!

Thank you so much to all of these volunteers who helped in so many ways. It not until you start to consider the amount of work done in one day that you realise how strong a team we have and how we need volunteers with a broad spectrum of skills.

Today we saw fundraisers, fosterers, adopters, walkers, cat cuddlers, IT helpers, administrators, both French and English speakers, all pull together for our animals.  This is what volunteering is all about, making life better for our dogs and cats!

If you are interested in volunteering with the dogs or cats, helping online, fundraising, grooming….no matter what your skills or preferences are, we would love to hear from you. Just email us at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

Lilou ( now Connie) adopted!






The Quillan car boot sale today!




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