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A super Saturday!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how lucky we have been lately! A couple of months ago Blackie was adopted after 3 years, last week we saw the departure of Chico who had been with us neatly four years and today saw the departure of Tanguy who had also been with us for 3 years!

Why Tanguy had been overlooked I have no idea. A lovely natured spaniel cross labrador who had the very best of both breed traits should not have had 3 years to wait. He was an easy dog to walk, shared his kennel nicely with many female doggies and matured into a really lovely gent. Tanguy was sponsored by Dominique who must be feeling really happy tonight!

Darwin was the next to be adopted, again a dog who seemed to go unnoticed in kennels and had been with us for 13 months. He was a  two year old border collie cross who was a delight to walk and who was great with other dogs.  Sometimes there is just no telling why some dogs have a long stay with us.

Maybe it’s just down to fate and they are patiently waiting for the perfect family to come along!

A puppy was also adopted. Little Badiane was spotted on our website by Jovanne who came along and met her on Wednesday, reserved her and today she left. This is super news as we hate seeing puppies grown up in kennels.

We still have puppies who are waiting for their forever home. Why not come along and meet them at our open day tomorrow. Volunteers will be on site to say hello and show you around so please pop along, walk a few dogs and join in the fun.






Badiane adopted!


Dont forget..we are open tomorrow


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