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A Very Welcome Donation and Metro Goes Home!

On Wednesday neither Darcey nor I am at the SPA. This is not to say that we have been sitting with our feet up, we have been very online updating sites, answering emails, messages and phone calls and we are very lucky that Carole takes the time to send us updates of the day’s events.

The first bit good news was that Metro, who was brought to the SPA on Saturday was reclaimed by his owners. His owners called to report him missing and we were very happy to be able tell them that he was safe and sound and could leave after being identified at our vets.  This is great news as he is home where is belongs instead of in a kennel and should he wander off again and end up at the SPA we will scan him and call his owners right away! Its great news for the SPA too as a large, black male could take a long time to find a home!

Next we had a 200 euros donation! This was thanks to Elodie, Sandra, Anto and Nataly who worked alongside the tourist office in Carcassonne offering guided tours of La Cite in exchange for donations. What a fantastic and unique way to raise funds so a massive thank you to all concerned! 200 euros goes a long way and could sterilise 3-4 male dogs ! You can imagine the knock on effect this could have on the doggy population in general.

One doggy who wasn’t so lucky was Sam.  Like Metro, he isn’t identified so we are relying on someone calling us to say he’s missing or seeing him on facebook and recognising him. If you don’t identify your dog and they go missing it will be very difficult for anyone who finds them to contact you. Please don’t leave the fate of you’re dog up to chance…identify your dog and remember to keep the details up to date!

Next to arrive was another pup…a cane corso x who we will have more news of tomorrow!

On a non doggy note, Inky and Dinky, two of my foster kittens have been reserved and will be off to a really lovely family soon!

Metro is off home!


Sam has arrived but is not identified!



New pup..wow, stunning!









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