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A word on our oldies and identification in action, again

On Saturday’s blog I mentioned that a gentleman had come to abandon his 9 year old golden retriever, and was asked to wait until this coming Saturday, the 31st. Well yesterday he phoned to say that he had found an alternative solution, and that a family member is going to take this elderly dog. That is great news all round. Especially as a dog of that age is not always easy to home. We have several dogs over 9 years old, and there is much celebration each time one is adopted. We all find it extremely upsetting when a dog ends his days at the SPA, rather than in the warmth of a family home. This is why dogs over 9 years old are just 80 euros to adopt. This includes vaccination, micro-chipping and castration/sterilisation as appropriate.

One of our volunteers and Committee member, Dominique, has made this poster to highlight our elderly dogs. Can you offer one of them a home, perhaps? Be aware that we are flexible regarding the date of birth, as in many cases it is a vet’s estimate. We would not refuse the reduced fee for the sake of a couple of months!

In SPA news, I had no photos of her, so I was unable to post photos of Candy, a little pinscher who arrived yesterday. In any case, I thought that with Candy the Rottweiler leaving it might have been confusing (although I might have had fun with the title). In any case, Candy number 2 was already identified and was reclaimed today.

Apart from that three other dogs arrived today; all three were already micro-chipped and so left straight away.

What is there to say except please identify your dog, if you haven’t already done so. If I had a euro for every time someone contacts us full of regret that they have not identified their dog and he or she has gone missing, I would be a very rich person. Actually I wouldn’t, cos I would donate the money to the SPA, but you get my point. Yes, a micro-chip costs about 60 euros, but what price peace of mind?

We had a couple of reservations today and perhaps more in the offing. Let’s hope things start to look up again soon.

Oh, and not that it is a competition, but here is another wonderful poster by a dog’s sponsor. This time it is for Taser, and just goes to show what talented and dedicated people there are out there! The poem even rhymes! Brilliant!

Here are our older dogs. Grab yourself a loving bargain!








And a publicity boost for Taser!

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  1. For those considering giving a dog a home, the benefits of homing an older dog are numerous. I have a 10 year old dog, she doesnt need too much exercise, she loves a lap, is not fussy with her food and is just so grateful to be around you. Her love for us is endless! The rewards are great!

  2. Registered identification is crucial – but I think also is a good collar tag with a phone number you regularly use – mobile or home it doesn’t matter. From first hand experience I know of 2 dogs that got lost whilst enjoying walks with their owners. One was found tired but OK in a ditch (with tag) and taken to a local vet, and the other by the police (without tag) and taken to a shelter. The phone number can mean the difference between being notified immediately (by the vet) or waiting several unhappy days.

  3. Agree completely with both comments. I have 2 oldies and 2 youngsters (well, 4-5 ish) and the oldies are less work, that is for sure.
    As for a collar tag, yup, great idea. But quite often collars come off (or are taken off deliberately from “desirable” breeds) and if a dog is not chipped too, he may never make it back to his real owners.
    Mine have collars with tags and are chipped (or tattooed) as well. I am a belt ad braces girl!

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