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Adios Elios!

I think everyone felt very sorry for Elios when he was brought into the SPA for rehoming just over three weeks ago. A purebred braque francais, he arrived due to his owner’s illness. And whereas we see plenty of people leave the refuge dry-eyed, that was not the case here. Elios’s owner really loved him, but was going into long-term care and had no one to look after his dog.

This should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who just assumes that their family will take over should old age take its toll, by the way. And is one of the reasons that the SPA is rightly cautious when elderly people wish to home puppies.

Elios did not have long to wait, however, despite being over eight years old. Yesterday a family came to test him with their dog, and all went well. The cat test went fine as well, and today Elios was off to his new home.

Many thanks to his new family for offering Elios a home. He is a very affectionate boy, and we are sure he will reward your kindness a hundred-fold

braque francais


Fingers crossed for more adoptions this week.

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