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Adopt a Dog

We have lots of dogs (and cats) awaiting a new loving home at the SPA Carcassonne of all ages, sizes and breeds.

As the DRC site is in the process of being revised, we are adding fewer and fewer dogs to the site, but that does not mean there is not lots of choice, so please feel free to get in touch if you are actively looking for a dog. We will be happy to help you find the perfect dog for you.

Adopting an animal from the SPA is a serious commitment and not something to be undertaken lightly. There are lots of well-trained and experienced staff and volunteers who are always keen to give you any help and advice that you need and help match you with the perfect dog for you. There is usually always someone on site who can speak English so please don’t be put off paying us a visit if the language barrier is a concern. Everyone is always very happy to help.

We strongly advise new visitors to first take a read of our adoption guidelines to better understand the commitment required in adopting an animal. Our frequently asked questions section also has lots of answers to any queries you may have about the adoption process.

Choose below to search for a dog at SPA Carcassonne:

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Cats peeking under a doorCats and Kittens

We have lots of cats and kittens all seeking good, long term homes as well! There are just too many to list on the site but please feel free to pop in and visit them.