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Adoption de Puppy Nunska

You probably know that the SCPA is full of puppies at the moment. Most of them have been dumped at the refuge gates, a couple of them have been found by members of the public and brought in. Nunska was brought in by her owner, who decided that he was not able to cope with her. She was only a couple of months old, so one has to wonder why she was “aquired” in the first place, however as she was doubtless given away for free on the internet, presumably her owner didn’t give it too much thought, on the basis that anything free is worth having. Luckily he decided sooner rather than later that dog ownership was not for him, and so Nunska was brought in for rehoming.

This lucky border collie pup went home to live with employee Marion. And as she was officially abandoned, there was no need to wait for the ten days pound time (not that any of the pups are ever reclaimed; they are invariably the result of unwanted pregnancies).

It did not take Nunska long to attract the eye of a young couple who have been along on several occasions to meet her. Today Marion and her partner said goodbye to their latest protegé, as Nunska left for her new home. Of course the two couples will keep in touch, so we are certain to have news of Nunska as she grows up. Many thanks to Marion and Nico for yet another turn as fosters.

border collie pup

Nunska – ADOPTED

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