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Adoption of a mucky pup and 2 lucky pups!

Who remembers when Camboui arrived at the beginning of the month? This young labrador had clearly been playing somewhere very messy, and was almost grey with dried mud! Despite a few warm days, the ScPA dog-washing season has not really got underway, so although he is looking a bit better, he still needs a wash.

That didn’t put today’s family off, though! Camboui has left for his new home, and lots of fun is on the way. Born last July, this young labrador cross is very much still a puppy, and is full of energy. Wonderful for him that he has been adopted so quickly, and as we so often say, if only all our dogs were this lucky!

Camboui – ADOPTED

On the subject of lucky dogs, today we also said goodbye to Apolline. She is one of six hunt type dogs who were found at the ScPA gates one morning. Five were together and one arrived a couple of days later, but we are pretty sure they knew each other in a previous life; probably as kennel mates and probably as breeding stock for a hunter. We have no idea why or how they were brought to the ScPA, but everyone breathed a sigh of relief when ten days passed without them being collected.

Apolline is a fabulous whippet-beagle cross (well, that is the vet’s best guess). She is slightly timid, but in that lovely way that just makes you want to cuddle her. And she loves  cuddles. No one was surprised when some visitors fell head over heels for her today.

beagle/whippet cross

Apolline – ADOPTED

She is the first of the six to start her new life, but we hope the others leave soon, If you like beagle or spaniel types, (and who doesn’t!), you should take a look at their albums. They are all named after Greek gods (mostly goddesses, actually) and are all young dogs, all well socialised and as we so often say, coming to the ScPA is probably the best thing that could happen to them.

Today’s other leaver was Tom, a young French bulldog who was abandoned recently. Yes, it is quite unusual for the ScPA to have dogs of this breed brought in for rehoming; normally they have owners who come to collect them in double quick time. This time, however we knew from the outset that someone was going to be very lucky.

Tom is fine with other dogs and cats, but his relationship with children is slightly more ambiguous. A couple of families with children had already been to meet him; one of them left with Ziggy, and the other will come back and look again. Today’s family does have children, but they are slightly older, and Tom seemed to really like them.

So less than a week after his arrival, Tom has a new home, and we wish him lots of happiness as we do to today’s other leavers.

French bulldog cross


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