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Adoption of a small black dog and a big white one

Today was Pentecost, but so what? For many years the ScPA was shut on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Of course staff were present in the mornings to feed and clean out the animals and give medicines as required, but after that they were left alone for what was a long day. Things changed last summer and although it is not every day that there is an adoption, the logic is flawless. Even if no animals leave, it is the perfect time for working families to visit the refuge, and of course the majority of  volunteers are free to walk dogs.

And today not only did the dogs have lots of company and exercise, but two of them found new homes!

Little timid ratier King arrived in mid May as an unidentified stray. He has gradually been gaining in confidence since his arrival, and it is wonderful that he hasn’t had too long to wait before finding a home. Less than 4 weeks for a timid black dog is a great turnaround time, and as of today King’s life really has turned around!

small black ratier


Second to leave was Samson, and this is also amazing news. You may recall that this dogue argentin cross arrived with his dad, Goliath in August last year. Goliath was adopted fairly recently, and poor Samson started to get really sad. At less than 2 years old, one of which was spent in the refuge, this lovely boy had probably never been away from his dad.

Today a family came to introduce Samson to their dog in the hope that the two would be compatible. Everything went wonderfully, and so not only has Samson got a new home, but he also has a new friend, which is exactly what he needs. We hope his new life brings him much joy, and that he in turn brings joy to his new family. Huge thanks to them, and to King’s new owners as well.

white dogue argentin cross

Samson – ADOPTED

We wish lots of love and happiness to today’s two leavers and hope that the week brings many more adoptions.

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