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Adoption of Anais

We always like it when we have an adoption on Monday; it gives us hope for the rest of the week!

Today the SPA said goodbye to lovely Anais. She was one of five border collies who arrived at the SPA at more or less the same time at the end of August. These dogs were not living in great conditions and were brought to the SPA as rescues, so we are particularly happy that so far three of them have found new homes. This leaves the two boys, Juan and Bran, but they are both mixing well and certainly having more exercise and better lives than where they were before, so it is all good.

tricoloured border collie


There was a reservation today and an identified dog who arrived was reclaimed immediately, so the news was largely good. However we have to report the sad death of one of our longterm foster dogs, which has cast a shadow over the day.

Many thanks to Marie- Ange (who truly IS an angel), for caring for old man Roucky. This elderly Brittany spaniel was brought to the SPA following the death of his owner in January. Marie- Ange stepped in and took Roucky into her heart and home, where he has lived the life of a king until his sad death last week. She is very sad at losing him, and she has our deepest sympathies as well as all our thanks for letting this lovely gentle dog end his days in a loving home.

brittany spaniel

RIP Roucky

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