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Adoption of Angel, Miss and Skip…

Another busy day at the ScPA!

We have many litters of pups at the moment but the second pup from a litter of two was adopted today. Little Angel has left two weeks after his brother Angelo.

Angel, adopted!

If you are after a spaniel type dogs , fear not! We have a wonderful litter of 8 spaniel cross pups that we posted on facebook last night. This is a stunning litter! They are healthy and mischievous just like pups should be. And what a choice…6 girls and 2 boys!

Macaron, one of the 2 males!

When we get a cute small female dog like Miss we know that she will soon be snapped up, Miss arrived about a month ago when her owner couldn’t cope with her exercise needs. Its true that Parson Jack Russels are a very active breed and so we wanted  an active family for little Miss.

Today she left and we hope that she will enjoy her new life with lots of walks.

Miss adopted!

The last to leave was Skip. Skip was abandoned less than a week ago  and despite being a black, older dog has been adopted!  This is great news for Skip who will soon move on in his new life and forget he was ever at the ScPA!

Skip adopted!

We also have had two wonderful reservations, so keep an eye on the blog to see who the lucky two are!

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