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Adoption of Arizona, Ailsa, Jura and Eros!

When Arizona arrived at the refuge as a stray she was in a sorry state. She was filthy, hungry, scared and worse of all she had scarring around her muzzle indicating that her mouth has been tied shut!

This poor girl had been mentally and physically tortured so it was just as well she was brought in.

Little did we know at the time, but this poor girl was pregnant and 10 days later produced 2 healthy pups!

Things are changing at the ScPA and now mums who arrive and whelp can keep their pups. This is fantastic and something we are very proud of, but the refuge is no place for a mum and pups, so we need to get them into foster asap.

New mums and pups need round the clock supervision for the first few weeks and that is just not possible at the refuge. Now, lots of people will say that dogs in the wild manage fine but there are many many fatalities with pups born in the wild and that just isn’t good enough for our newborns! Arizona was skin and bones and she really needed to be looked after so she could care for her pups!

Puppy socialisation is so very important, and pups in homes are socialized around people, other animals, and household noises and of course housetraining can begin!

I took this little family home and had three delightful weeks watching them thrive. Arizona became a great mum, jumping into her whelping box to feed and care for her pups. She was very attentive and started to enjoy four nutritious meals per day, little walks and toilet breaks and started to put on a little weight.

As I was off to Scotland Lisa and Andrew offered follow on fostering and what a great job they did. Soon the pups began weaning and became more independent each day. They relied less and less on mum and began playing and like all pups, getting into mischief! This gave Arizona a rest and she began to regain her strength and confidence.

Despite her terrible start in life she was such a sweet natured kind girl and soon it was time to look for forever homes for her and her pups.

Today Arizona, puppies Ailsa and Jura all left with their forever families and we can’t thank Lisa and Andrew enough for the time and care given to them! We will be asking for updates and keeping you informed about how they are doing in their new homes!

Arizona and pups Ailsa and Jura!

Not all of all adopters live locally and today puppy Jura had to be transported to meet his new family. Many thanks to Karen for picking him up and driving him to Montauban. Here he is with mum Claire…..

Jura and mum Claire!

Arizona, now Dora  with new mum and dad…

Arizona is the first mum to deliver and keep her pups but isn’t the last. Already we have Daisy and 5 pups in foster with Cyndy who all are thriving and will be up for adoption in a few weeks.

We can only continue this if we have foster families who will look after mum and newborns. This is hard work but ever so rewarding. If you could help us do this, please do get in touch. English speakers website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk and French speakers spacarcassonne@yahoo.fr

And to add to today’s good news, two year old Eros was adopted and we had 3 super reservations too!

Eros adopted!



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