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Adoption of Athenais

Last week we told you of the adoption of Apolline, the first of the group of six Greek God(esse)s to be adopted. They, you will recall, were all found at the refuge gates at the beginning of March, with no clues as to their origin. As four of the six were females, none of whom was sterilised, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the consequences of them not having come to the ScPA would have doubtless been a life of misery for the many puppies who would have been born.

As it is, all the dogs have now been sterilised or castrated, and the second of them, Athenais, left for a new home today. We hope her former kennel mates do not have long to wait. As we said before, they are mostly beagle types; all young and all absolutely adorable!

It would be lovely to see more of them in loving FOREVER homes before the week is out.

beagle cross

Athenais – ADOPTED

Another dog who could have been adopted a hundred times over was reclaimed. Little Poupette was just lost, and an hour after she went missing, her owner was in a total panic. Luckily thanks to the power of social media, she was soon reassured that her beloved dog was safe at the ScPA, and as soon as the gates opened today, Poupette was back where she belonged. Phew.

It was a salutary lesson in why you should make sure your details are up to date in Icad; had this been the case, Poupette’s owner would have been reunited with her dog even sooner. However no harm done, and the details will be changed in double quick time! Lesson learned!


Poupette – RECLAIMED

And so a new week begins…what else will it bring?

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