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Adoption of Baby George

Who remembers the little braque who arrived ten days ago? He looked like a smaller version of SPA dog Orwell, so naturally we named him George. Today he left for his new home, straight after completing his time in the pound. He is a fabulous chap, small and affectionate, and quite bewildered to find himself behind bars. Especially after the dog with whom he arrived, Huxley (in real life Floyd) was reclaimed by his owners. However all that is over now, George (now renamed Chester) has a home.

Tony and Marcus started volunteering towards the end of last year, and although they were looking for a dog, it had to be the right dog at the right time. This time the planets were aligned. George was just what they were looking for, and they reserved him while he was still in the pound. This is always a nerve-wracking time, knowing that a dog’s owners can come and reclaim him until the end of day 10, so there was a big sigh of relief when the deadline passed.

Chester starts his new life today. Needless to say, we will have lots of news!

mini braque

George (now Chester) – ADOPTED

Yesterday’s arrival, whom we named Andro but who in real life called Chef, was reclaimed by his owners. And of course he is now identified, which means should he run off again he should be easily reunited with his family.

brown spaniel

Chef (aka Andro) – RECLAIMED

Despite the bitterly cold temperatures there was a surprising number of volunteers walking dogs and we have to thank them for their enormous dedication. It is one thing braving the cold for your own animals, but coming to walk SPA dogs when there is snow and ice around is really heroic. Many thanks for reminding the dogs that they are loved, even if for now they do not have homes.

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