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Adoption of Biggles and Pansy

When this magnificent young bleu de Gascogne arrived in March we were sure that he would be snapped up by a Brit. Most of our french hound types are but in this case it was not to be.

Instead he was spotted by Marga from Adopteer een Griffon NL B group in the Netherlands. This is the same group that have helped us home several dogs and we love working with them.

Biggles is going to a family who spotted him on their facebook page and who very kindly offered this lovely bot a home. Early this morning i crept into the refuge and handed him over to out Home from Home transporters. we will soon have news and photos!

Like all of our dogs crossing borders he travelled under TRACES so is classed as a legal import. This makes sure that the dog has no problems with the Dutch authorities and nor do we!

Biggles having a bath before he left. He was not impressed!

And today puppy Pansy, the first of Daisy’s litter left for her new home. She really has fallen on all for paws as this home is a real animal lover. I am sure that we will have lots of news as foster mum Cyndy will be following each pups progress.

Alan and Pansy who will be called Mimi!

One other pup is reserved and will be leaving on Friday but that leaves Betony. Hana and Cassis looking for homes.


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