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Adoption of Boomer and Pryce!

Today handsome Boomer was adopted. Boomer had a very sad life before coming to the refuge,  We are not sure where his life started, but he was “acquired” (presumably free via the internet) by someone who left him tied up 24/7 and reliant on passers by for scraps of food and sometimes he was even without water. Luckily for him he made it to the refuge, and immediately to foster, where he settled in well and was fine with the family’s other dog as well as being clean in the house. He was adopted directly from this foster house, hover this didn’t work out so back he came. This was probably a blessing as today he was adopted by volunteer Marie!

Marie and Boomer!

Next to leave was Pryce. He was a bit of a chunky monkey but being mostly bull terrier was not categorised. This 6 year old lad has been with us since February so its great to see him leaving for a new home!

Pryce adopted..

Today Daisy and her pups were all identified, vaccinated, wormed, had their kennel cough and flea treatment, phew! It was really great fun at the vets and the pups behaved impeccably.  What a gorgeous litter they are and are ready for their new homes!

So mum Daisy, Cassis(m), Hana (f), Betony(f) are all looking for homes.

Betony needs a home..

Cassis needs a home…

Hanna needs a home…

And mum Daisy needs a home..

Contact Cyndy on 0768807486 if you can offer mum Daisy or pups a home!



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