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Adoption of Border Collie Bob.

Adoptions are few and far between at the moment, as you have probably noticed. We have no idea why this is; May, with its numerous bank holidays, might may seem like a good time to welcome a new family member; or perhaps people are chosing not to adopt when they have already made plans. In either case, staff and volunteers have been remarking on how quiet things are at the SPA.

Today however we have a lovely adoption to tell you about. Bob, a fabulous looking border collie arrived with Meg, presumably his mum, in early April. Both dogs were thin and were initially very nervous of people. Once the dogs had left the pound (ten days after their arrival), the SPA separated them so that each was sharing with another dog. This may seem cruel, but it is usually for the best. Very few people adopt dogs who arrive together, and separating them early enables dogs to create new relationships with other dogs and humans, and not just stay in their existing roles.

Bob has remained quite timid and aloof with people, however. He is fine with other dogs, but even on walks has tended to keep his head down and avoid eye contact. However as you can see from the photo taken as he left today, all that has changed! Bob has hit the jackpot big time, and he seems to know it! His new family lives in Germany and as soon as possible, Bob will move there. But he has family here in France too, and lucky Bob will have canine friends in both countries. Not only that, his new young mistress is very training minded. The family know that it will take a long time for Bob to come properly out of his shell, and are prepared to be patient. And judging from the smile on Bob’s face, a huge hurdle has already been overcome.

So we say goodbye and good luck to lovely Bob and look forward to hearing news of him as he starts his new life.

border collie with other dog

Bob (on the right) with one of his new friends and already looking much happier than when he arrived!

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