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Adoption of boxer Maya

On Saturday a beautiful boxer called Maya was brought to the refuge for rehoming. At only a year old, this lovely girl was almost perfect; okay with other dogs, okay with cats and children. Her only “fault” is that she kept escaping from the garden, and this is why her family decided to bring her in for rehoming.

Of course a dog of this breed and age was sure to attract lots of interest. Several people came to meet her, amongst them a family who had lost their own boxer some 6 weeks ago. And her name was Maya too! This time I use the word “lost” literally. Despite the fact that she was identified and her owners have searched near and far, and high and low, there is no trace of Maya at all.

In any case, it seems like Fate that a new Maya has come into this family’s life. One thing is for sure, new Maya will help heal their hearts and help them move on. And as for Maya, she looked extremely pleased to be leaving so soon, and with such a lovely family.



The ScPA also has a rabbit looking for a new home. This girl who has been named Bounty, was obviously in pain, her teeth needed clipping. Now that this has been done, she is much happier and is clearly a lovely animal who is well used to being handled. So if you are after a rabbit, now is your chance to rescue one!

Bounty – looking for a new home.

In other news another pup was reserved and a recently arrived dog, Sarga, was reclaimed. There is more good news expected tomorrow so see you then!

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