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Adoption of Bullit

We had another great adoption today. At the age of 12 and a bit, and just over a week since he arrived at the SPA, Bullit has found a new home. It is always sad when old dogs arrive, especially when it is following the death of their owners. Bullit was a much loved dog who had spent his entire life with one master, and it was the cruel hand of fate that left him alone.

Luckily for him, he has been offfered a new home! His new owner was actually at the SPA the day he arrived and saw him. A period of reflection followed, clearly, and this enabled the SPA to carry out the required health checks, and to determine that, old age aside, Bullit is in the best of health. Not that this would necessarily have prevented his being adopted, but it is wise to know what you are committing to when you adopt an older dog.

Yesterday compatibility was tested with the new owner’s elderly (female) dog, and everything went well. So lucky Bullit is out of the cold and back in the warm, with daily walks. Huge thanks to his new owner.

Sadly it was not such good news for Rex. He is back at the SPA after proving that he just cannot live with cats. This was as we suspected, but Francine really wanted it to work out. Luckily the cat is still alive and Francine’s injuries are not too serious. A cat free home for Rex is required, much to everyone’s dismay.

Bullit (12 years old and counting) – ADOPTED

Big German shepherd







Rex – No cats for this lad.

old black dog


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