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Adoption of Buster

Today there was just one adoption, but as Mondays are hard in so many ways, any adoption is great.

Buster arrived at the refuge in early July, supposedly found by a young couple who brought him in to the pound as an unidentified stray. I say “supposedly”, because when you see a dog jump out of a car when requested without the use of a lead and happily follow two “strangers” into a building, you have to wonder. Especially when the holidays are just beginning. However maybe all these years of volunteering have just made me a bit cynical and this was a genuine case of them having found the dog, in which case it has to be the best behaved dog ever.

That might be the case, as Buster (as the employees christened him) proved to be fine with other dogs and is calm, gentle and playful. No reason why he should not find a home in super quick time. Apart from the fact that there are so many lovely dogs at the refuge right now. Visitors really are spoilt for choice.

Today’s family thought that Buster just had that little extra magic, and were delighted to offer him a new home. And despite the fact that he is a great dog, the ScPA was happy to see him leave!

brown shepherd boxer cross

Buster – ADOPTED

So it was a good start to the week, especially for Buster!

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