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Adoption of Citrouille

Today there was one adoption at the SPA, but it was a good one.

Lovely Citrouille arrived at the end of October, in fact she arrived at Hallowe’en, hence her name (Pumpkin). And when you read about her character, you, like us, will be amazed that it took so long for her to find a home. Young, calm, good with other dogs, fine with cats, affectionate with adults and humans. Yes, Citrouille is one of many of the SPA’s hidden gems. These are dogs who, for one reason or other, do not catch people’s eyes in a kennel environment.

Today a couple came to the SPA looking for a calm easy dog who could live with three cats. After looking round and beeing attracted to several unsuitable dogs, they took the staff’s advice and met Citrouille, who soon had them under her charm.

pale spaniel cross

Citrouille – ADOPTED

Today’s other leaver was recent arrival, malinois Flash. He arrived identified on Monday but the SPA was unable to contact his owners. This was because once again they had moved house and failed to keep the records up to date. And although they had asked their vet to change the phone number on Icad, this had not been done.

malinois cross


Perhaps many people don’t realise that you can check (and change) your dog’s Icad details yourself. On the identification card there is a code, which you can use to enter your dog’s page, and there you can make any adjustements. Flash’s owners said they will do this immediately, and if you think your dog’s details may be out of date, why don’t you do it too!

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