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Adoption of Cliona and Fynn is back home!

Lots of you will remember Cliona, the dog who arrived in a terrible state, covered in lumps and bumps and in dire need of lots of vet care. A campaign was launched to cover these fees and after several months of tlc you would not have recognised her as the same dog.

We were delighted when she was adopted by people who regularly walked her but were devastated when she came back after 5 months!

Cliona had without doubt not had an easy life before she arrived at the SPA. She was suspicious of new people, especially men but once you had gained her trust she was fine. It takes a very special person to adopt a dog who will need lots of time, patience, and careful management. But today she left and we all have our fingers crossed that all goes well!

Cliona adopted!

We are also delighted to report that Fynn, who escaped from his carers on Thursday is back home! We were all very worried as it took 7 months to catch him and get him to the SPA and although he has come on in leaps and bounds he is still a wee bit wary of people. His mum and friend went to the area where he had been seen very early this morning and on hearing her familiar call he came out of hiding and right to her!  This is fantastic news and I am betting that tonight he is being spoilt rotten!

Fynn is home!

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