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Adoption of Cuba and Bouboule finds a foster

we have two lovely leavers to tell you about today.

First off we said goodbye to Cuba, a 6 year old fox terrier who has gone to to live in the UK. Susanna his new mum, has been following DRC for years, and for the last couple of months has been looking for a dog to share her life and that of her remaining dog, who was lonely since losing her pal.

When she saw Cuba, Susanna, wrote to ask all about him, and having decided he was the one for her, set about making plans to come and collect him.

Today she arrived at the refuge to meet a newly spruced up Cuba! Yes, Angelique came in to give him a haircut, so he could look his best before leaving. And what a difference it has made. Susanna was delighted with him, and as we speak she and Cuba are making their way back to the UK, via a friend in the Dordogne, where Susanna used to live.

Of course we will pass of news and pictures in due course. Doesn’t he look fantastic now, though? A huge thanks to Angelique, and of course to Susanna for coming all this way to collect Cuba. He is worth is though; what a great dog!

fox terrier


Today’s other lucky dog was Bouboule. He was brought back recently for reasons that are not worth mentioning here. When a dog who is fine with other dogs and cats is brought back as being neither, you know something is up. At almost 12 years old, Bouboule’s chances of finding a new family were not great. However there are some wonderful people out there, and today Bouboule left with a long term foster family who will love him and care for him, which is what he, and all our other dogs need, but the elderly ones perhaps more than most.

Many thanks to them for opening their hearts to this elderly gentleman. We hope he has many happy and healthy years ahead of him.

brown basset cross

Bouboule – long term foster

There were some other people looking for dogs, so hopefully more good news is on the way!

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