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Adoption of Delice

I don’t think I can remember when we had to wait until Thursday for our first adoption of the week. Yes, this has been a bad few days, with lots of new arrivals including several dogs brought back for rehoming. Let’s just hope these dogs haven’t been brought in to make room for a new puppy.

Today’s adoption was of Delice. Lots of people expressed interest in this girl and we can see why. A small sized griffon, Delice arrived ten days ago very thin and extremely nervous. She is one of a number of hunt-type dogs who have arrived recently, so if you like the long- eared breeds, now is a great time to adopt. I hasten to add that not all of them have been hunters and not all of them are nervous, but most of them will have a more developed sense of smell than your average pooch, and this is something to bear in mind when adopting.

In any case, it didn’t take little Delice long to find a home, and we are delighted for her. Helping a nervous dog regain confidence is incredibly rewarding, and we look forward to seeing photos of Delice as she blossoms in her new home.

There are more adoptions planned for tomorrow, including that of the dog whose adoption was scheduled for Monday, but more about that anon. We hope to salvage something from what has been a pretty bleak week so far.

small griffon cross

Delice – ADOPTED

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