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Adoption of Demi and Mimi!

We mentioned in last night’s blog that another dog left the ScPA yesterday and was squatting at Moira’s house before being collected. Well, sure enough, little Demetra (now Demi) is now on her way to the UK to join her family. They are none other than Kim and Graham, who adopted Demi-look-alike Faro just over three years ago, so we know she is in safe hands.

Demi arrived at the refuge very nervous, and it is wonderful to see how much progress she has made since her arrival in early September. She has sharing her kennel happily and that has helped, of course, but a new family is her dream come true. Incidentally she did not go via TRACES, as Graham flew over for a couple of days earlier this week to formalise the adoption. This meant that Demi could leave under the pet passport scheme, and also meant that Demi was able to leave from Moira’s home, rather than directly from the refuge. Many thanks to Moira for hosting Demi, albeit briefly.

black griffon

Demetra – ADOPTED

As you know, today was the event at Maxizoo, and as well as attracting lots of interest, and some lovely donations (thanks to everyone), this event has already born fruit in the form of an adoption! A couple came directly from Maxizoo to the ScPA and adopted little Mimi. She is a lovely girl who has been with us since the end of June. Mimi was exactly what this couple was looking for; the perfect size, fine with cats, as well as being lively and affectionate. Mimi has waited a few months for her home, but it looks like she has hit the jackpot.

small black lab cross


We don’t have any photos from Maxizoo to show you, apart from this one of little Prosper, who was trying his best to find a new family.

Propser – ADOPTED ME (please)

The refuge is open tomorrow from 14H00-18H00 as usual, and perhaps Prosper’s time will come then!

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